Water Resistant Roofing Pompano Beach – Fort Lauderdale

From a Client:
I contacted Dan Jones just before Hurricane Irma hit and he said that he would be able to work on my leaking roof soon after the storm. In less than one week post-storm he had sealed both my cement tile and my flat membrane roof and I have had no problems since.

His roof sealing/coating system requires 4 passes, but he was able to complete the work in three days, while telling me he never rushes his work. I definitely have the whitest roof in the neighborhood.Thanks Dan
– Kent From Ft. Lauderdale

Do you want to keep your family and property dry?

Do you want to increase your houses resale value?

Do you want one less thing to think about?

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A reflective roof, using a waterproof coating such as Ceramic Insulation, Elastomeric Mastic, Epoxy Rubber, Bright White, etc., is more energy efficient!

Your roof absorbs heat which affects your indoor temp and A/C unit. Keep unwanted heat our of your home and stay cooler and reduce your energy bill!

If you live in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale, you know how much rain we get every Summer and when it isn’t raining, the Sun is beating down on your roof. If you don’t have a good Waterproof Roof, it can be devastating.

Remember to ask us for a Temperature Roof Analysis by a qualified engineer at the time of your roof inspection, which we recommend you have at least every 2 years. This report done before and after a roof costing is applied, will help immensely when you want to sell or insure your home. Take it to the bank it works to your benefit! We have been in the Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale area for years… We know what it takes and how to take care of your roof.  Check us out, you’ll see the difference and the interior of your house will appreciate staying dry during the Summer thunderstorms.

Dan Jones was the original inventor of waterproofing systems using Elastomeric and Mastic coating 36 years ago along with Acrylux Paint company who manufactured it for Mr. Jones.

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