The Importance Of Waterproof Roofing

You may not pay as much attention to your roof as you do to the rest of your home, but if you live in south Florida, thoroughly sealing your roof is as essential as an emergency generator and supplies of bottled water. In the US, water damage to homes costs the insurance companies an estimated $2.5 billion each year, and almost 40 percent of homeowners will file a claim for loss or water damage, many from roof leaks, every year. Water leaking through your roof can be costly; the average cost to a homeowner coping with damage from water in the home is almost $7,000 each year, although it can also be a lot more than that. A good sealed roof is your 1st defense and usually comes with a warranty.

South Florida may enjoy a pleasant year round climate and the weather may be one of the reasons you moved here in the first place. But of course, it does rain here and the average annual rainfall in Pompano Beach is around 60 inches per year. Some other cities in south Florida receive more rain than that in a typical year. It doesn’t take much rainfall to seep through the roof, damage your furnishings and belongings and becoming a potential safety hazard, when it comes to your home’s electrical system. Once water starts to leak through your roof, there is little you can do to stop it, and many homeowners end up learning the hard way that a water tight roof is a must for south Florida residents.

As anyone in south Florida knows only too well, the threat of hurricanes is very real. The 2017 hurricane season is already off to a bad start, as Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful storms ever, swept through the state, causing billions of dollars in damage, as well as several fatalities. At one point, all the counties in Florida were under a state of emergency, and mandatory evacuation orders were in place for thousands of residents. Long lines of cars on the highway as residents tried to evacuate became familiar images on the TV screen during those few days in September, along with sailboats on the street, damaged buildings, trees blown down and widespread flooding due to rain and storm surges. And if you live in south Florida, the chances of experiencing a hurricane are high – since the National Weather Service started to keep records, well over 100 hurricanes of varying strength have battered the state, and in a typical year south Florida residents can expect to experience at least two hurricanes. Many residents still remember the four hurricanes that hit the state in 2005.

The constant threat of a hurricane means making sure that you have waterproof roofing is an absolute must. A roof that has been thoroughly waterproofed means that you won’t experience any leaks or dripping water, even during the heaviest rain. Keep in mind that during a hurricane, your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, and if you don’t have waterproof roofing on your home, it doesn’t take much for the damage to your home and belongings to be catastrophic. A sealed, waterproof roof on your home increases your chances of being able to ride out the hurricane safely and comfortably without having to leave your home, and of course, the cost of roof sealants and waterproofing your home can be saved many times over during the course of a few years. It’s easy to put waterproof roofing on your list of things to get to when you have the time, but as pictures of the devastation caused by Irma show, it shouldn’t be put off. Further, it is essential to have a professional prepare and apply the right roof sealant for best results with a warranty.

In addition to the obvious and noticeable damage that a leaking roof can cause, water entering your home through the roof can also lead to mold, mildew and high humidity. It’s not only potentially costly to address this, but mold and damp can also be harmful for anyone in your home with allergies or breathing difficulties. Waterproofing your roof can also be effective in keeping out those unwanted critters that can all too easily damage your home and cost you money. Insects can cause more damage than you might think, and it can cost thousands to bring in the exterminator. A roof sealant can help to keep out those tiny and unwanted pests.

Another big advantage of waterproof roofing is the value that it adds to your home, and the fact that it makes it much more appealing to buyers when it’s time to sell. In fact, many buyers in the Pompano Beach area and other south Florida communities are simply not going to look at a house that doesn’t have waterproof roofing. The biggest single investment in life is probably your home, and it’s well worth the time and trouble to make sure the roof is sealed and water-tight, whether you plan on staying there indefinitely, or will put it on the market next year. And thousands of people have a vacation home in south Florida; waterproof roofing is just as essential and as sound an investment, even if you only use the home during the winter months.

Hurricane Irma has been the worst hurricane ever to hit southern Florida. If you don’t have a waterproofed roof applied by a professional, now is the time to address the problem before the next major storm arrives. The money you spend now on sealing your roof can save you thousands in the future, add value to your home and help to protect your family and your possessions.

We can help, call us today. We have something for all budgets and products that can even reduce your flat roof’s temperature by as much as 50 degrees resulting in energy savings as well as less wear on your air conditioning equipment.

Remember, your insurance and mortgage companies will want to update your policies and if you are pro-active and have roof maintenance in place, it is likely you won’t see huge increases, and a avoid cancellation, in insurance and will keep your home’s value.

Different Types Of Liquid Waterproof Coatings, Benefits & Common Uses

waterproof-roofer-pompanoLiquid roofing systems are cold applied and are suitable for both warm and cold roof designs. They are designed to adjust to seams, joints, welds, and fixings. You can apply liquid roofing to different roofing materials, such as cement, asbestos, felt, metal, concrete, and more. They are designed to offer long-lasting protective roofing solutions for nearly every type of pitched or flat roof including balcony systems and skid-inhibiting walkways.

Liquid roof coating comes with numerous unique advantages which make them superior alternatives to other roofing materials, such as asphalt, felt, or single-ply.

Types of Liquid Water-tight Coatings

Basically, they are available in three main categories: bitumen, polyurethane, and polyester based.

1. Modified Bitumen

Bitumen is modified using different substances like natural rubber or styrene to make it more resistant to fatigue brought about by movement failure. Two or more bitumen solution layers can be applied for maximum effect. A bitumen liquid roof coating can serve for between 10 to 20 years.

2. Polyurethane-Based Systems

They are designed to provide good fire performance. They are also highly resistant to UV light. These roof coating systems are generally more tolerant when used in moist conditions, and their lifespan can extend to a maximum of 25 years.

3. Polyester-Based Systems

These fiber roofing systems have been glass-reinforced. If you want to apply them to plywood or other similar substrates, you can apply more resilient polyester based systems. Their lifespan can be close to 30 years.

Of course, there are several other liquid cement roofing systems that can also be conveniently used:

• Flexible Unsaturated Polyester Resins: includes polyester unsaturated resin reinforced using polyester fleece. For application, it can be sprayed or hand-rolled.

• Modified Bitumen & Emulsions Polymer Solutions: here bitumen has been modified with polymers or co-polymers to enhance flexibility, elasticity, and durability to any dried coating.

• Unsaturated Resilient Glass Reinforced Polyester Resins: this includes polyester resin that has been cold applied.

Others available liquid cement roofing products include water dispersible polymers, hot applied polymer modified bitumen, emulsions and bitumen solutions, Methacrylates, solvent based acrylic systems, and thermoplastic block solvent based co-polymers.

We offer a diversity of solutions for liquid roofing to meet your needs. We also recommend the most suitable solution after analyzing the existing type of roof you got. Having been in the Fort Lauderdale region from the 1950’s, we understand the area’s roofing requirements. Our services also include preventive roof maintenance and repair. We serve most of South Florida and we are located in the Pompano Beach area.

Benefits of Liquid Roof Coating

When installed or applied correctly, liquid roofing systems provide long service of about 25 years, particularly when well maintained. Liquid roofing is the ideal solution for roofs, walkways, car parks, and balconies. Affordable, flexible, environmentally friendly, and efficient, these roofing systems are very practical.

Seamless Roof Finish

Compared to the conventional waterproofing roofing types available in the refurbishment market today, a liquid system has many advantages. Besides being cold applied, they offer a finish that is truly seamless. It creates a permanently seamless, elastic, membrane, ideal when you are looking for long term solutions. Their unique features make them the ideal choice for patios, balconies, and terraces. They are particularly suitable for awkward roof details like gutters, pipe penetrations, as well as vertically and horizontally designed applications.

Diverse Applications

Liquid coating products will readily bond with lots of substrates commonly used in the Pompano Beach / Fort Lauderdale Florida area. This allows for their use in lots of situations without necessarily having to initially remove the current roof covering. Of course, this saves lots of valuable time, and spares you the cost of having to remove the old roofing as well as the associated cost and environmental complications of disposal.

There are also a number of additional benefits that come with using liquid roofing:

• Seamless waterproof membrane — Offers total waterproofing that no other roofing membrane is capable of doing. This is because liquid roofing is completely joint-free, which means no leaks as it creates a seamless monolithic film.

• Incorporates every roof detail — Being liquid, it reaches areas where other roofing membranes can’t! It can also be easily applied to any type of roof — plant or pipe — seamlessly making the roof watertight.

• No hot works — Application is done through a cold-applied process which eliminates the inconvenience and hazards associated with hot applied systems. This means you can continue occupying the building during the installation.

• Vapor Permeable — it allows vapor or moisture within the building to easily escape.

• Film Strength & High-elasticity — Liquid roofing can withstand natural roof movements without the risk of shearing or splitting.

• Easy to Maintain — A liquid roof coating it requires minimal routine maintenance.

Common Areas of Use

Liquid cement resin fully bonds to any substrate and is seamless. This makes it perfect for use over your current roof (exceptions do apply), such as ply membranes and others. Cold applied waterproofing liquid is also ideal for your new projects, especially those with complicated detailing, terminations, edge details, verticals, horizontal, and penetrations.

If your existing roofing membrane (such as single ply) has failed, applying a liquid roof coating overlay may be your best and most cost effective solution. Its bonding features make it more reliable compared to traditional roofing refurbishment products. Liquid waterproofing systems are also great options when dealing with inverted roofs where the membrane can be laid beneath the insulation.


Liquid coating is the ideal solution when you want to re-surface or damp-proof cement roofs, storerooms, basements, workshops, walkways, balconies, storage tanks, fountains, and even swimming pools! These liquid roofing systems are available in a variety of shades and light colors, making them suitable for reducing heat stress on your current system as well as meeting most HOA requirements.

Many liquid cement roofing solutions can be employed as overlays to your current waterproofing systems. They are ideal for use on profiled sheeting systems such as fiber cement or profiled metal or even on flat roofs. This is because liquid applied membranes are completely seamless and will completely bond to your roof substrate. This makes them more ideal for use over other waterproofing systems that are coming to the end of their lives or have failed at seams and laps.

Why Waterproofing A Roof Is Essential For Every Home

Waterproofing A RoofMost homeowners ignore the value of waterproofing a roof. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require maintenance. Your roof is one of the most important structures that require preventive maintenance and an annual checkup. A waterproof roof is important because it serves to protect the interior of the building. Water penetration inside a building could lead to increased humidity, which would wreak havoc on the wiring, appliances, flooring and furniture.

Not to mention, deterioration of the membrane, and roof leaks m ake it easier for critters and insects to burrow through the roof, and into the home, which adds onto the expense for repairs. Waterproofing a roof, and scheduling annual checkups are definitely the cheaper option. Adding a water-tight roof coating is like an umbrella for your roof!

Water damage is the second cause of deterioration of a building. A water-tight roof creates an impermeable barrier, designed to prevent water from entering the building structures, from top to bottom. The roof materials in general can deteriorate over time, due to excessive exposure of the sun and rain, and this is an issue in Coconut Creek FL. As the rain collects on a vulnerable roof, moisture sets in, which can lead to rotting materials, and thus, can lead to a health hazard.

Water damage to the roof can include:

Most homeowners are not alerted to damages until someone notices leaks or smells in other rooms in the home. Unfortunately, then it’s too late and the repairs become costly. A simple checkup will not only give you peace of mind, but can ensure there are no hazards. Experts agree, homeowners living in areas that are vulnerable to climate and weather variations like heat, rain, and wind should ensure they have a water-tight roof. Homeowners should also ask a specialist to check for cracks and other defects.

Most building materials have a considerable shorter life span when subjected to sun and rain. Additionally, every household will experience aging, and with time, materials are subjected to wear and tear. Homeowners must replace damaged parts as they wear out over time. The original tiles may be damaged or missing, or the sealant has become worn, leaving the home vulnerable.

You’ll find the value of applying a water-tight state of the art roof coating will keep you from encountering all the aforementioned damages. The damage to the building structure, coupled with the high cost of repairs can become a big issue, so it is best to avoid headaches with regular roof maintenance. Most homeowners mistakenly ignore the roof, believing if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

However, the consequences of not having been proactive, not having your roof inspected annually, not applying a water-tight roof coating means you will likely find a new roof will be in your future. Most homeowners do not want to have to pay for a new roof more than once. A properly applied roof coating and regularly maintained roof precludes that!

Call 954-763- 7339 to schedule an appointment with Roof Dr. Dan Jones for a free no obligation inspection and learn what options are going to help you keep your property’s in peak condition. Email us at

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Silicone Roof Coating Offers Proven Best Results for Water-Tight Roof

Silicone Roof Coating Pompano BeachWhen it comes to a roof coating that is fully water-resistant, the go-to website is because its 50 year history and state of the art products result in effective, affordable and satisfied residential and commercial clients. In fact, this professional roof coating company uses experts who understand the unique needs of all roof types when it comes to this water-resistant roof application process.  There are numerous happy home and business owners in Pompano Beach, and greater Broward County Florida, for example, who used this service. One look at the testimonials on the website and you find glowing testimony about their roofs now being able to withstand any kind of high wind, rain or other acts of nature.

Roof Dr. Dan Jones knows how to make any type of roof fully water resistant by adding specialized coatings and sealers to roofs needing protection.  A homeowner said he contacted because his roof needed leaks repair and that a regular roofer could not sort out.  In turn, Roof Dr. Dan’s specialized service offered true “liquid roofing” protection that is not usually serviced by everyday roofers, said the homeowner online.

Silicone Roof Coating Called “Vital”

This unique type of water-tight roof coating has been viewed as vital to the long life of any type of residential or commercial roof. A special high-tech silicone roof coating is used and when properly maintained can last a lifetime.  The advantages offered in this unique process, that protects any type of residential or commercial roof, are all about new high-tech roofing liquids that not only coat, but protect a roof from extremes of heat, cold and various water conditions.  This type of roofing protection is not usually in the “tool box” of roofers because this liquid roofing concept is “a specialized process, requiring special products that create a monolithic film,” and requires an expert to apply it as the manufacturer directs. These coatings also come with warranties and usually outlast the warranty greatly when properly maintained, in fact can last a lifetime!!

It’s true other liquid roofing has been around since the 19th century, however not with the superior water-tight properties of today’s Silicone Ceramic, PolyGlycoat, etc.

Protecting one’s investment

The most protection and benefits come from a Silicone Ceramic roof coating. Not only does it create a monolithic film but reduces roof temperature resulting in lower energy costs while improving interior temperatures. Every roof is its own; it must be professionally inspected to assess the proper product for the project. Adhesion is key along with maintenance after the coating is applied. A seasoned professional like Roof Dr. Dan Jones, with 60 years atop SFL roofs, will be able to offer you the most comprehensive advice and options to meet the requirements of your particular commercial or residential property.   There are specialized water-tight solutions for roofs that are pitched, domed, tile or flat.

The advantages of this type of roof water-tight coating include:

– A proven best way to protect one’s real estate investment.

– Savings on cooling and heating utility bills because a water-tight roof keeps the heat and cold out; while serving the best needs of the inside environment desired by the home or business property owner.

– This type of waterproofing keeps the underside of all roofs dry and fully protected from rain, wind and nature’s elements, states the manufacturer.

– Full product and servicing guarantee for the product to perform as specified on all roofing types as promised during the warranty. Roof coatings can be reapplied periodically and last a lifetime. Don’t spend more money than you have to; a roof coating is about 50% less than a re-roof.

Overall, there has never been a better time to jump on the liquid roofing “water-tight coating” bandwagon, and get your residential or commercial roof sorted out with the best roofing weather protection that money can buy.  This specialized roof coating is produced and applied to outlast any like roofing product in the marketplace; while also being priced affordable for all types of roofs.

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The Importance of Watertight Roof Coatings

water damageIf you own a home in Pompano Beach, Florida, you know how important it is to have a dependable roof that is able to protect your home and family. Through all types of weather, your roof needs to be able to stand up to the elements and keep everyone and everything inside your home safe and protected. This means having a sound roof and a watertight roof in order to protect your entire roofing system as well as the interior of your home.

Regardless of what type of roofing system you have on your home, it’s important to understand that any type of roof can be susceptible to water leaks. Unfortunately, if your roof develops a leak, it can not only lead to a significant amount of damage, but it can also lead to high repair bills. Many leaks go undetected until the damage has spread to other areas of the structure.

The best way to protect your home from the devastating effects of water damage is to have a water resistant sealant applied to your roof. Of course, there are many products on the market that claim to be able to make your home watertight, however, many of these products will likely not live up to your expectations. There can be a huge difference between the various components of any sealer or coating that you can apply to your roof and sometimes these products are just not reliable. Additionally, if the roof is not properly prepped before being sealed, or the product is not applied properly, the adhesion that is necessary for a good seal will not take place. This can result in an ineffective bond that can leave your roof vulnerable to water leaks; a frustrating experience, especially after you had already invested so much into trying to create a watertight barrier for your home. There is no substitute for a professional performing this delicate work. If each step is not completed effectively then your roof will not be watertight.

Therefore, the most effective way to protect your Pompano Beach home is to have a roof sealer or coating applied by a professional Pompano Beach roofer who has the experience to provide a quality job. They will have the necessary training, so they will know exactly how to prepare your roof for the application of the water resistant sealant. Additionally, their knowledge AND experience of the right products, that have a proven track record of being able to keep your roof water tight, is invaluable. Many home improvement stores sell products that over promise and under-deliver so beware…

There are a variety of products on the market that professionals can apply to your roof. These products can be extremely effective in protecting your home from leaks. Some roof coatings help to seal your roof from water leaks and they can also offer an excellent way to help reduce your summer cooling bills. Many quality sealers or roof coatings will have a reflective surface, making sure that the heat of the sun can be reflected from your roof. By keeping your roof cooler, your HVAC system will be able to keep your home cool while using less energy. A reflective water resistant coating that is properly applied to a roof that has been prepped for the best adhesion, can offer an exceptional benefit to your home. A seasoned roofer, like Roof Dr. Dan Jones (50 years atop SFL roofs) of Pompano Beach, is crucial to the success of your roof coating. A monolithic film is key, along with the proper application, whether you own residential or commercial property.

If you plan to sell your home you’ll have an enticing selling point or if you’re planning on staying in your home you’ll reap the benefits of an energy efficient roof coating that protect your roof from leaks. It’s truly important to hire a professional, with experience and a proven track record, of applying roof coatings to make sure your roof is watertight. A properly maintained roof coating can last a lifetime and you can rest assured your roof will be ready for your bank or insurance companies required inspections or even a buyer’s inspection!

Please see the testimonials listed separately here on this website.

Do You Need a New Roof?

Coconut Creek water-tight RoofIf you own a home in Coconut Creek, making sure that you have a water-tight roof is definitely important. South Florida is certainly known for its beautiful weather and wonderful sunny days; however, this area is also known for its high humidity and regular rainfall. Protecting your home means making sure that your roof is watertight and in so doing
you can keep your roof like new for years and years.

Why Waterproofing a Roof is Important

When moisture gets under your roofing materials, it won’t be long before significant damage can take place. Trusses, joists, insulation, framework, and roofing materials can all be damaged from excess moisture. A small leak can lead to widespread damage, especially when left undetected over weeks or months. Unfortunately, when a roof develops a leak, it’s often not evident until the homeowner begins to see signs of water damage on their home’s walls or ceilings; by this time, materials exposed to water have already started to deteriorate and the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew has been left unchecked.

Unseen Damage

When water finds its way in to cracks or even small unseen leaks on your roof, the underlayment and entire roof structure can potentially be damaged. Water leaks can follow along roofing elements, often causing the identifiable leak a long way from where the water actually entered your roof. As the water travels along joists and trusses, wood and
insulation in its path are also exposed to long periods of dampness. This can create an environment for a mold problem not to mention may cause rotting and other damage. You need a seasoned professional like Roof Doctor Dan Jones, who has over 50 years atop SFL properties, to inspect your roof and advise you of your best option. Your roof will leak sooner
or later, but you can avoid this when working with a professional who will inspect and coat your roof before you incur major damage. Call Dan for your FREE no obligation inspection. 954-763- 7339.

If soffits and fascia are damaged, you also have a situation where insects, birds, and small animals, such as squirrels can gain access to your attic; this can lead to even more damage as well as the expense of ridding your home of these destructive nuisances. Hence make sure to check them regularly as SFL heavy rains that gush in gutters cause rust over time and rot the fascia and soffits.

Protect Your Home with Professional Roof Coatings

Professionals use a number of products in order to provide and protect your roof and home. Whether you have a flat or low slope roof, hip and valley, open gable, or other type of roof, there’s a roof coating solution that’s just right for your home.

While there are many types of roof coatings on the market, not all of them actually have waterproofing capabilities. However, products such as epoxy rubber or ceramic insulation coatings can provide the waterproof barrier your roof needs in order to protect your home. When these products are applied by a professional roofer, you’ll have the adhesion necessary to help seal out moisture. The first step in adding this type of coating is to ensure that the roof is properly prepped. This means it must be thoroughly cleaned and dried in order to form the adhesion necessary to bond the products for maximum benefits. Essentially these coatings are like an umbrella for your property.

Coating Your Roof can Also Make it More Energy Efficient

Many coatings are manufactured with reflective properties. These reflective properties help keep your roof cool, so your HVAC won’t have to work so hard to cool your home. A cool roof is more energy efficient, and will allow you to use less energy for air conditioning. You will find when professionally applied roof coatings come with 5 to 10 year warranty. Coatings can be re-applied and can keep your roof like new for years and years. The energy and cost savings realized quickly pay for a coating!

Advantages Of Waterproofing A Roof In Pompano Beach FL

A waterproof roofer provides a sound solution for problems associated with roof leaks. This option is ideal for homeowners who are not yet ready to replace the roof. Many residents, of Pompano Beach, FL, take advantage of adding a water-resistant coating as a practical alternative to replacing the entire roof. The approach prevents damages caused by leaks, some of which are hard to detect. This means by the time property owners notice the leak, a lot of damage could have been done.

The majority of waterproofing product manufacturers provide both labor and material warranties. The coating is available in a wide-range colors to match different preferences and/or city requirements. The products are a more affordable option when compared to roof replacement. Although applying a water-resistant roof coating is not as drastic as replacement, it is still more thorough than spot repair work.


Waterproofing comes with a number of benefits for residents of Florida.

Many manufacturers of water-resistant spray coatings formulate the products using reflective materials. This is aimed at bouncing infrared radiation away from the building. As a result, residential and commercial buildings can keep the costs of cooling lower. In the end, this goes a long way when it comes to saving money.

In addition, some of the reflective and water-resistant coatings may qualify for rebate programs, which is beneficial to property owners. Energy Star certified coatings generally come with warranties that provide guarantee energy efficiency and the lifespan of the seal.
A roof coating that is designed to repel heat has a longer lifespan than one that absorbs heat. The chemicals that help keep the roof intact are affected by heat. Hence, the need for a coating like a silicone ceramic that reflects heat away from the roof. A cooler roof does not cause the polymers and chemicals to break down.

Lower heat absorption due to roof coating translates to improved indoor comfort levels for occupants. On the other hand, the coating is also known to reduce humidity because it stops water infiltration. So, roof coatings achieve the objective by preventing shrinkage, cracking and seam separation.

As a result, humidity in indoor spaces significantly drops. The rooms will cool more efficiently when humidity is low. Also, this helps improve comfort levels when temperatures rise.

Water-resistant coatings simplify maintenance when applied on a built-up, existing roof membrane and modified bitumen roof. The application makes the repair work less extensive. Whether homeowners apply acrylic, urethane or silicone spray coating, they are sure to enjoy the cost-effective benefits associated with roof waterproofing.

Additional Considerations

A professional applicator maximizes design possibilities by adapting to the existing roof conditions. This is aimed at ensuring that the coating remains watertight for very long periods of time. Property owners can take advantage of the most advanced polymer chemicals. The coatings have the capacity to deliver superb product integrity.

Advanced roof coatings are more superior to conventional materials. They are designed for wide-ranging applications, including any membrane or substrate installed on a roof. Property owners can avoid incurring costs, risks, time and disruption associated with roof replacement.

The coatings/overlays can be applied during roof refurbishment projects as well as new build roofs. Experts recommend using high-quality coatings for new build roofs. The majority of these roofs alone employ sheet materials or low technology systems. This compromises waterproof integrity because the materials and systems are prone to failure.

Advantages of Roof Coatings In Pompano Beach FL

Roof Coatings In Pompano BeachYour roof’s lifespan is subject to many factors. Some of the greatest threats to your roof’s structure are rain and heavy winds. Such harsh weather conditions can damage roofing material and allow water to get into the roof’s substructure thus causing leaks. Roof coatings, such as silicone, has proven to be a viable solution to preventing roof damage and avoiding the high costs of roof repair and or replacement. Numerous benefits come with coating your roof.

Decreased Chances of Leaks

Splitting seams, cracked roof shingles, and shrinking material can lead to unexpected roof leaks. Coating your roof with proper products that prevent moisture infiltration and protect the roof’s structure can drastically reduce the risk of leakage. The coatings used are made of sturdy materials that are less susceptible to peeling and cracking. Many come with guarantees as well.


Adding a roof coating to your roof is much more cost effective than repairing a roof that’s torn off or having to replace an entire roof. Industry professionals can guide you in choosing between urethane, silicone spray coating or acrylics that can be used to coat your roof effectively. Make sure to consult a professional before selecting the roof coating for your property. This is of the utmost importance as it could possibly affect your roof warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Some roof coatings are formulated with highly reflective ingredients, which also have their own advantages. That means the sun’s radiation is bounced back, lowering cooling costs and saving you money in the long run. Energy Star certified roof coating products will guarantee not only energy efficiency but also the extended useful life of your roof.

Increased Life Expectancy

A roof exposed to the heat of Pompano Beach Florida is likely to last longer if it has a heat repelling coating. Some coating material helps to reflect the heat that would otherwise have been absorbed. It sustains the current roof and significantly reduces the rate at which the chemicals in the roof break down as they would on a hot roof.

A damp roof surface will also run the risk of mold and other biological growth that can cause significant long terms damage. Also, a leaking roof may eventually rot, spreading the damage from the roof to the walls and ceilings. If the problem is not fixed quickly, the structure of your home may end up being unstable.

Enhanced Comfort

Lower heat absorption realized from some roof coatings translates to higher comfort levels. A cooler indoor environment is much more relaxing and productive. Your guests are likely to enjoy the cool atmosphere and ambiance of your home when it’s cool. By reducing the water that’s finding its way into your home, a roof coating also contributes to lowering the levels of humidity. Less humid air is more comfortable at higher temperatures and cools more efficiently.

Environmentally friendly

Using a quality roof coating on your roof is considered much more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient as compared to replacing or retiling your roof. Replacement roofs create added landfill and pollution whereas roof coating creates no waste. Roof coatings also takes less time to apply and consumes less energy.

Easier Maintenance

A good roof coating on your roof makes it much easier to maintain your roof. In the long run, you will experience smaller and less extensive roof repairs and maintenance tasks.

Homes that are built without taking into account the need for a roof coating are in danger of irreparable structural damage. As a result of water leakages, moisture can find its way to the soil around the foundation of your home, making it settle and shift. The moisture can also cause cracks in the foundation and with time, lead to structural damage. The structural damage caused by water leaks and moisture can decrease the value of your home.

Prevent the Emergence of Damp Spots

A roof coating helps to prevent wear by the weather that can lead to damp spots on the home’s exterior walls and roofs. These unsightly damp spots of discoloration might potentially stain your walls and roof for good. Over time, the problem may extend into the interior of your home ceiling walls. The right roof coating can, therefore, protect both the exterior and interior of your home.

How A Waterproof Roofer Can Help

waterproof-roofing1One of the biggest and most important purchases any of us will ever make is buying a home or other property. This is where you and your family will live or possibly work, and sometimes for decades if not for a lifetime. It becomes the place all kinds of special events happen and protecting this investment often means protecting those memories as well. Taking care of your properties is a vital part of your life and is more than just a responsibility; it also becomes a necessary part of maintaining your peace of mind and sense of well-being.

There is more to properly maintaining your property than just protecting your investment, even though that is desirable. It is also about ensuring the health and comfort of your family/employees/valuables. One of the best ways to do that is to prevent moisture from entering the home and the roof is the most frequent place this can happen. Wind takes a toll of the structures of the roof as does rain and other naturally occurring weather events and the effects of aging. As any waterproof roofer will tell you, waterproofing your roof can extend the life of the roof as well as keep your insurance and mortgage companies at bay.

A roof that has been waterproofed is not as likely to develop leaks and that alone will keep moisture from penetrating through to the attic, ceiling and walls. Most people understand the danger that can result when that happens. Mold is the first thing that comes to mind and this is particularly troubling when the leak is minor because that can go unnoticed for a long time. Delayed discovery can lead to an abundance of mildew and mold that can affect the health of all family members.

Along with mold setting up in the compromised areas, a constant state of moisture can also cause the materials used in construction to deteriorate. Not only can mold and mildew cause damage to the wood, but the moisture can cause it to rot. Rotting or rotted wood is not as strong as wood that is properly cared for. That means the structure could collapse or at least sag. Sagging roofs and ceilings are a sure signal that something is not right and costly repairs will likely be needed. Getting your roof inspected and waterproofed by an expert waterproofing roofer will keep your roof in peak condition and allow you to avoid needing to re-roof which is very costly and could involve other repairs to walls, ceilings etc. The good news is waterproofing your roof is about 1/2 the cost of a new roof.

It is true that the value of your property can deteriorate over time, but that does not have to happen. In fact, applying appropriate maintenance measures in a timely manner can help increase its value as time goes on. It is not hard to understand that the price of homes and properties continue to increase every year or so. By attending to problem issues as they arise, you can ensure that your home’s value keeps up with others in the neighborhood regardless of its age.

It is inevitable that the roof will need replacing from time to time. You just cannot keep that from happening. However, you can do something to increase the life of your roof. A waterproof roofer is the best person to talk with when considering such a solution. That professional can provide you with information about various materials that can be used for waterproofing and/or insulation including elastomeric mastic, silicone ceramic, urethane foam and a system like PolyGlycoat as well as how it will be applied. They can also offer references if you ask for them. Contacting references, particularly those who have experienced the difference waterproofing can make, is your best option for determining whether or not to hire the waterproof roofer.

Advantages Of Roof Replacement

Pompano Beach Roof Repair and WaterproofingMost of the people think that roof replacement is a costly home improvement project that renders few benefits. No matter whether you wish to hire an expert for replacing the roof or carry out the task on your own, it is a costly affair. However, with regular inspections you can extend the life of your roof and not necessarily need to re-roof.

The truth is it is very difficult to keep things in order when you observe problems with your roof. The elements and problems in conjunction with environmental factors pose serious threats to the working of your roof which is not protected against the problems for days, months and even years. A coated roof, with silicone ceramic, polyurethane (PolyGlycoat System) or urethane foam, with regular maintenance can last a lifetime.

The first and foremost advantage of roof replacement is safety. As the roof gets older with the passage of time, it renders less support and protection to your home. If there are serious issues with your home roofing, it can cause roof leakages, cracks and trigger mold growth that multiplies inside the walls without getting noticed. Similarly, it is likely that the roof might witness a total collapse causing harm to members inside your home and your property. Having a badly damaged roof poses serious security threats to yourself as well as any person stepping in your property for replacing the damaged roof for enhanced protection. To avoid these scenarios, maintain your roof and use a waterproof coating like the ones stated above.

Another important benefit of roof replacement is your new roof will be covered by a warranty (if you install the roof with the help of an expert). As a result, you get peace of mind and added safety considering the fact that any issue with roof damages will be tackled by the expert during the warranty period. Many waterproof coatings come with guarantees as well as long as regular maintenance is performed.

The single important benefit of replacing an existing roof with a new one is new roofs warrant low maintenance. This implies that the person will visit your place (as agreed) at regular intervals, and detect problems with your roof including cracks, crevices, or soft spots that might pop up during routine upkeep designed to increase the general lifespan of the roof. While these expenses have to be paid monthly, it can possibly save you considerable amount of money by avoiding any major issue with your roof. A waterproofed roof should be looked at every other year to be certain the SFL elements have not provoked any weakness which is infrequent.

The last and the most important benefit of roof replacement is the relief you get with professional roof installation. However, there is a great deal of worry associated with running a business or owning a property in need of new roofing. Making roof replacement is a big decision and it should not be done in a hurry. However, when you pick the right roof (and in many cases a roof can be waterproofed (saving $$$$) and making your roof like new), you could enjoy long term benefits for your residence or small business.

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