Hire A Waterproof Roofer Coconut Creek Professional

waterproof-roofer-coconut-creekRoof leaks are no fun and can lead to considerable damage. But, deciding on the type of roof to install as a replacement can be an even tougher decision. There are more roofing materials on the market today than ever. Metal sheet roofing, polymer shingles, clay tile, wood, and slate. While slate and clay tiles look attractive, they are expensive and time consuming to replace, which adds to the cost of putting on a new roof. However, many of these new materials are more durable than the standard asphalt shingles and can look better as well. The best solution is to find a waterproof roofer licensed contractor for Coconut Creek, to discuss the many options available in waterproof roofing.

Asphalt shingles are cost effective. But, they don’t repel heavy rains like other materials. Tile roofing like clay and slate shingles are waterproof, but heavy. They are costly to install and maintain. They also require additional roofing structure, to support the weight of the tiles. Another choice is the rubber or polymer shingle, which looks like slate but is much lighter. It is also waterproof, but is fairly new. It hasn’t been testing with time, to see how well the material will hold up.

Waterproof roofing materials like liquid coatings or elastomeric membranes help keep moisture away from the roofing structures. They also help the roof last longer and hold up, under many different weather conditions. In Florida, where high winds and heavy rains are the norm during the storm season, this type of roofing installation can help minimize repairs and maintenance of the roof.

Waterproofing, when sprayed over the existing roof as a coating, is far less costly than tearing off the entire roof and replacing it. Some come with as much as a 10 year guarantee as well. Home and business owners can save quite a bit on roofing repairs and can delay roof replacement by years, when choosing a waterproof roofer for repairs and maintenance.

A reflective coating can be added to the waterproof coating, to make it more energy efficient. It will reflect the sun’s rays and help homeowners maintain a cooler environment indoors, with lower costs for cooling and heating the space. It also keeps the indoor humidity at a constant level, with no sudden fluctuations from weather changes. Lower costs on heating and cooling are something many Florida residents want to achieve.

Waterproof roofing helps the existing roof last longer, as it prevents breakdown of materials. While this reduces roofing maintenance costs over time, it also helps existing roofing materials stand up to severe weather, such as high winds and heavy rains.

Maintenance of the roof becomes easier, when a waterproof professional roofer like Transcontinental of U.S.A., Inc. licensed for Coconut Creek, is used. The costs for maintenance will usually not involve replacement of original roofing materials. Often, a spray coating can be used to repair and reinforce an existing roof quickly and easily, at a much lower cost. It also makes the job easier for maintenance crews of commercial buildings, allowing them to focus on other urgent repair needs.

Waterproof roofing is an excellent way to help reduce damage to existing roofing materials by weather and debris, while providing a protective barrier that reduces costs and extends your roof’s longevity. It also helps keep the indoor environment more comfortable year round. Make sure to have your roof inspected after any severe weather and at a minimum of every 2 years to avoid costly leaks into your property.

Waterproof Roofing Offers Homeowners Proven Best Results

waterproof-roofing PompanoThere is nothing more vexing for a homeowner than having a leaky roof. In fact there are more and more waterproof roofing ads online in the wake SFL’s inevitable severe weather that causes roofs to deteriorate and leak. An unprotected roof will result in thousands of dollars in damage. The best solution is to use the services featured on waterproofroofer.net. There is no substitute when hiring waterproofing experts for an experienced, licensed and insured contractor like Dan Jones of Transcontinental of U.S.A., Inc.

Roof Waterproofing is Vital

A major aspect of waterproofing is linked to proven best results. For instance, there are many glowing online testimonials for hiring waterproof coatings professionals. While the services described on www.waterproofroofer.net illustrate why this special coatings like Silicone Ceramic, can keep your home dry it doubles by maintaining the property resale values. In fact, there are legions of real estate professionals who now advise property owners to utilize a waterproof coating (we use Gaco) to help reduce high energy bills as well as extend the roof longevity.

Benefits of Roof Coating

There are many easy ways and means to find out the benefits of having a roof coated with a high-tech sealant application-where applicable we recommend Silicone Ceramic. For example, the trend in sealing a roof is now common around the country because this type of special waterproof sealant offers the best overall protection against standing water and moisture. The product can be applied to both sloped and flat roofs by professionals that guarantee their work. Some systems come with up to a 10 year guarantee as well.

The benefits of roof sealants include:

In general, there is no better time than right now to get an estimate on how best to maintain the structure’s roof with waterproofing that boosts its durability and overall life. Dan Jones the “original” waterproof roofer has spent over 50 years atop SFL properties and can identify problem many may overlook.

Repairing Roofs with Waterproof Treatments

There are many ways to maintain a private or commercial property roof before it needs replacement. In fact, the option of using a special waterproofing sealant is one good way to preserve the roof’s life while also preventing fire and corrosion threats. The high cost of a new roof is why many property owners inquire about how best to repair and preserve a roof with today’s roof sealants. The best advice is to ask for a free quote for a roof sealant treatment as a practical means of saving money by extending the roof’s life.

Overall, there are many good and practical reasons to ask for a free estimate for waterproofing your private or commercial property roof.
Call Dan Jones, the original inventor of PolyGlycoat (together with Acrylux), directly at 954-763-7339. FREE INSPECTIONS

Advantages Of Having A Waterproof Roof

waterproof roofing Pompano BeachIn SFL we have periods with lots of severe weather that usually includes quite a bit of rain. When water gets into unwanted areas such as leaking through the roofs, it is always a sign of a disaster in waiting. In such situation, we seek corrective measures including waterproof roofing. We highly recommend a

Silicone Roofing System where applicable; usually for flat roofs which are most susceptible to pooling water. This is important in preventing an more costly tearing off and replacement of the entire roof. Using the right roof coating is better than spot repairs and comes with a host of benefits as outlined here.

The first major benefit associated with waterproof roofing is the long-term economic savings building owners make. The application of either silicone, urethane or acrylic coating on the existing roofs prevents eventual damage by water and other elements. The waterproof coating is easier to maintain and repair unlike a bare roof. A well-placed waterproof coating requires minimal spot improvements, which makes for a great financial saving. A coated roof that is maintained will prevent the need for a roof replacement 99% of the time.

With a silicone ceramic waterproof roof coating, the cost of cooling your property, during our hottest weather reduces drastically. The reduction saves you on electricity bills and improves your energy efficiency. Many waterproof coating sprays contain ingredients that reflect dangerous infrared radiation from the sun, this is important when selecting the most bang for your buck!. A reflective coating on your roof may earn you additional credit from the government as they qualify for environmental rebate programs as well as savings on our property insurance. The lifespan of a reflective roof is far longer than a heat-absorbing roof. By reflecting back the heat, the polymers and other chemicals in the roof remain intact without breaking down. Using energy star certified waterproof roofing products guarantees efficient energy use and prolongs the life of the roof.

During hot weather, some interior rooms become unbearably hot. A Silicone ceramic waterproofed roof allows for minimal heat absorption, which makes the interiors of your house cooler and comfortable. In commercial buildings, the comfort and cooling effects improve the employees productivity which can result in higher returns.

Infiltration of water through cracks on the roof becomes extinct when your roof has a waterproof layer. As buildings age, they start showing signs of weakness such as cracks, shrinkages or separation at the seams. These areas of weakness are highly susceptible to water leakages, which may become annoying or at times embarrassing. However, waterproofing your roof solves this menace by sealing these weak areas. With less humidity penetrating the interior, your property becomes easier to cool and more comfortable.

The cost saving is even higher as a waterproof coating, like Gaco,  eliminates the need for constant painting of the faded roof colors. Most waterproofing materials are resistance to the fast fading phenomena. The reflective coating applied on your roof reduces the ability of sun to make colors fade fast. Your roof remains almost new for a long time thereby decreasing the need for constant repainting, another money saver!.

To enjoy these benefits, it is important to use a specialized waterproofing expert. One that is qualified, registered, and licensed. See www.waterproofroofer.net and the many satisfied customers Dan Jones has helped for more than 50 years! You can call Dan directly at 954-763-7339 for a free inspection to learn the condition of your roof and what options are best for you!

Do I need a Roof Replacement?

roof waterproofing pompanoMany people dread the thought of paying for a roof replacement. Having your roof replaced is a costly job. You can hire experts to do the task or you could chance it and have a go at repairing the roof yourself. A task you will likely regret in the long run! However, if your roof starts to fall into major disrepair it may be necessary to replace the roof as soon as possible

It’s unlikely your roof falls into the replacement category; it can easily be assessed with an inspection. Here at Transcontinental of USA, Dan Jones-the original waterproof roofer, will provide a FREE initial roof inspection and will advise you of your options. We don’t recommend the expense of roof replacement depending upon the amount of deterioration-“Don’t spend more money than you have to!”, is Dan’s mottos! Adding a Gaco Silicone roofing system can add years to your existing roof at half the cost of a replacement.

It never pays to ignore a roof that needs to be repaired! Regular annual inspection and timely maintenance is your best defense. A leaking roof is no good when it rains. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to keep everything in tip top condition. The weather and numerous other environmental factors often present too big a challenge for roofs that are exposed to the elements month after month and year after year without necessary maintenance.

Naturally safety must always come first. If the roof falls into a dire state of repair then the roof could collapse and cause harm to people or property that are nearby. A badly damaged roof poses a threat to all who enter the home so at this stage a roof replacement should definitely be considered.

In general a roof repair or replacement will be guaranteed for a period of time. (Providing that the work has been carried out by a licensed contractor). If you encounter difficulties then you can fall back on the warranty. These warranties are designed to offer peace of mind.

Maintenance after a roof repair with a warranty or a roof replacement should include periodic inspection for soft spots, leaks and damage. The warranty may have to be paid for but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you know that your roof repair or roof replacement is guaranteed for a set number of years then it will save you a lot of worry.

Many people who buy new homes or businesses worry that the building may need a roof replacement; after all replacing a roof is bound to cost a lot of money. If the roof replacement has a warranty then this will take a lot of the stress and worry away. No property owner should decide to replace a roof unless it is a matter of urgency. A defective roof will cause untold damage to the entire building! Remember the old adage that a stitch in time saves nine? A well maintained roof, especially one with a Silicone Roofing System, will save you from needing a roof replacement! Call Dan Jones for a FREE inspection today in the South Florida area! Add years to your roof and peace of mind!

The Importance Of Flat Roof Maintenance

Waterproof Roofer Fort LauderdaleThe roof is the first line of defense against wind and rain and the Fort Lauderdale climate can take its toll on any structure. Commercial structures and residential buildings featuring flat roofs require routine maintenance and inspection. The older the roof is, the more likely it is to have damage from ordinary wear and tear and the more important it is to schedule regular inspections at least every 2 years, and yearly is ideal. Flat roof maintenance is the most effective way to avoid expensive repair and replacement costs.

Flat Roof Physical Description

As the name implies, a flat roof has no slope but instead maintains the same elevation the entire width and length. A membrane made of rubber or some other waterproofing material covers this type of roof. The material aids in water drainage through the gutters. Flat roofs are less expensive than roofs with a pitch, which make them attractive for home builders on a budget. These roofs do not need shingles, a plus for Fort Lauderdale property owners, because the harsh climate causes many materials to rot.

If you are looking for a Waterproof Roofer in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact us now!

Flat metal roofs were introduced to construction during the 1800s and today consumers can choose from three different roofing systems:

Consumers should count on qualified waterproofing contractors for all installation, repairs and flat roof maintenance needs for the best performance.

Reasons for Regular Flat Room Maintenance

Most property owners choose flat roof installation because it is affordable. Even a flat roof requires regular maintenance to extend the life of the materials. Harsh weather, rigidity and the tendency for joints to fail can cause the following problems:

A small leak will only get worse if left unchecked and eventually it can lead to serious property damage from hard to detect water intrusion. Leaks can be difficult to locate on flat roofs and this means they can go unnoticed for extended periods. When this happens, water seeps through the roof and soaks the insulation. Once the material starts to rot, the environment is favorable for mold growth and can affect the health of the building’s occupants. The roof structure will rot and require extensive repairs or replacement if the damage is severe enough. In many cases, the water pools in an area that is usually far away from the leaky portion of the roof. If too much water accumulates, the roof sags and becomes a major problem.

Experts recommend roof inspections take place twice per year and after any severe storm. The inspection should include:

If all else fails, the waterproofing expert may use infrared thermography to locate hidden leaks. As long as a professional waterproofer makes repairs early, a roofing system will last for decades.

How Fort Lauderdale Weather Damages Roofs

Fort Lauderdale building owners have to consider the climate when maintaining a flat roof. All roofs are under assault by the elements on a daily basis. Roofing systems in Fort Lauderdale have to be able to stand up to salty air, summer storms and scorching temperatures.

This region of Florida has unique weather patterns that pose a threat to property. Hurricanes and storms are common in this area. Every year there is a 27% chance that Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities in the southeast region of the state will be within 75 miles of the path of a hurricane. The high winds and heavy rains associated with these systems can damage a roofing system and require extensive repairs.

Even exposure to a moderate amount of moisture, sun and wind on a daily basis can take its toll on an old roof. A roofing expert should inspect the surface of an old roof and evaluate any storm damage.

Locating a Reputable Contractor to Perform Flat Roof Maintenance

Consumers should find a waterproof roofing contractor who has experience maintaining and repairing flat roofs in Fort Lauderdale. Before hiring a flat roof maintenance expert, like Transcontinental of USA, consumers should:

-verify the contractor is licensed, insured and certified

-request a written estimate

-ask for and check references

-make sure the written estimate details materials, labor, guarantees, cost and payment schedule.

Consumers who do the proper research will receive the desired results when they hire a flat roof maintenance expert, like Dan Jones the original waterproofing roofer, in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Flat Roof Maintenance Ensures Longer Life

Waterproofing-urethane-Flat-roof-bubbleFlat Roof Maintenance Owner Information:
Both commercial and residential buildings constructed using flat roofs should have regular inspections and maintenance in order to ensure the building remains free of leaks and other damage.  As the roof grows older, flat roof maintenance becomes even more important.  Wind and rain can wear down the materials in all climates, but in Fort Lauderdale, the weather conditions can lead to catastrophic damage because the temperature variations and brutal Summer sun cause more rapid deterioration.  Using a regular schedule for preventative maintenance of a flat roof helps to minimize problems that develop. You roof will leak sooner or later so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Characteristics of Flat Roof
The flat roof does not have a definite slope but is almost level.  It is covered in a waterproof membrane (rubber).  The membrane is installed in such a way that water drains into a system of gutters.  The flat roof offers the primary advantage of being much less expensive than the traditional slopping roof.  In Florida,  another advantage of the flat roof is that it requires no shingles, that tend to rot quickly in the local climate.

The flat-seamed metal roof has been used since the 1800s, but today consumers will find three commonly installed flat roof systems:
Asphalt roofing makes use of an organic or fiberglass base, attached to the roof using nails over roofing felt and covered in cold asphalt cement.  The entire structure is then covered using a granular surface, such as gravel in order to reduce weather wear.

A single ply membrane roof can also be used with differing installation approaches, that vary from self adhesion to installation using hot asphalt and heating the roofing membrane before it is applied

Built up or multiple ply roofing that uses overlapping mats or rolls of felt layered with asphalt and finally covered using a granular roofing sheet to reduce weather wear.

Each of these systems have special requirements for application and need the skills of a qualified contractor, like Transcontinental of USA, for installation, maintenance and any repairs, whether temporary or permanent.

Need for Regular Flat Roof Maintenance
The primary reason owners select flat roofs is for cost savings.  Eventually, even a flat roof covering will need attention.  Failing joints, weather conditions and inflexibility can lead to problems including:
Torn, broken or cracked surface
Fasteners that become loose
Flashing that is rusted or incorrectly sealed
Separated seams
Water pooling
Loss of gravel (deterioration)
Degraded tie-in for pan roof.

Over time, even a small leak may cause serious damage. Flat roof leaks are often not noticed until significant damage is done.  Water soaks into the insulation and structure below the roof.  Rot begins to develop and mold may cause a health risk to occupants as well as pets.  Rot can also compromise the structure of the roof itself.  Location of the leak is sometimes difficult as visible moisture may be some distance from where the leak takes place.  Water leaks may lead to a sagging roof that compounds the problem.

Flat roofs need to be inspected at least twice annually and after any major storms.  The following checklist is important for flat roof maintenance:
Lap seams and flashing should be water tight in all locations
Roof drains need to be inspected and cleaned as necessary
Any damage to the membrane found must be repaired
Gravel must cover asphalt based materials
Repair blisters and creases to prevent leaks
Fix leaks by applying a roof coating

Infrared thermography might be used in difficult situations to locate leaks, but an experienced waterproofing roofer like Dan Jones that has 50+ years experience is invaluable and can usually spot a problem area with an inspection.  Flat roof maintenance and repairs ensure the roofing system lasts many years, especially if done immediately by a knowledgeable and experienced contractor, like Dan Jones the original roof waterproofing contractor. Dan uses his PolyGlycoat System and has options for most any budget.
Dan Jones’ company Transcontinental of USA also offers a Ceramic Silicone that can reduce your flat roof temperature by as much as 50 degrees thereby lowering your electric bill and inside temperature. We have helped so many SFL residents enjoy their sunny flat roofed rooms once again using this coating.

Roof Damage Caused by Fort Lauderdale Weather
Owners of buildings with flat roofs in Fort Lauderdale face other challenges in addition to flat roof maintenance to maintain the integrity of the system.  While it provides shelter from the elements, the roof also receives the most wear.  The salt air, summer rains and tropical climate can all create a negative impact on the roofing systems. Commercial building roofs have more traffic due to air handlers, lightning rods, window washers etc. that also add to the wear of their roof.

In addition,  severe storms as well as hurricanes can all cause damage.  Within any given year, there is a 25% chance that a hurricane will pass within 75 miles.  Such storms result in expensive and extensive damage to any type of roofing system. The daily exposure to moisture, sun, winds and storms can be a problem for the aging roof.  Older roofs as well as those recently damaged by a storm require attention from a professional waterproof roofer like Dan Jones who will seal your aging roof and repair damage affordably. .

Selecting a Flat Roof Maintenance Contractor
Local roofing contractors with experience in making flat roof repairs should understand the flat roof maintenance and repair requirements for Fort Lauderdale buildings.  Keep the following important points in mind when selecting a flat roof maintenance pro:
Roofers should be licensed, certified and insured
Ask for a written quote and compare with work of a similar nature in one’s neighborhood
Ask for and check references
A signed written agreement that specifies materials, installation,  cost with payment schedule, and any guarantees should be signed by both parties.

The time invested in research and planning with a professional waterproofing  roofer guarantees the best results. Dan Jones’ Transcontinental of USA serves the greater Fort Lauderdale areas of Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Oakland Park, Tamarac, Margate and Lighthouse Point, and the eastern portions of Palm Beach and Hollywood.

Dan Jones offers a FREE no obligation inspection and he will advise you of your options to keep your roof for many many years! Avoid costly leaks and even reroofing by scheduling regular inspections and  maintenance. Email us at waterprofroofer@gmail.com; you’ll be glad you did!

The Whys And Hows Of Flat Roof Maintenance


The construction of residential and commercial buildings with flat roofs has become increasingly common to help keep the total costs of construction down. Flat roofs are perfectly safe and like all roofs still require regular maintenance and inspection in order to perform their best. Age and weather can damage any flat roof, especially in the SFL climate. Establishing a regular maintenance schedule can help detect any problems before they turn into costly disasters.

First, it is helpful to define exactly what a flat roof is. A flat roof is a roof that is level or nearly level, lacking the slope frequently associated with other roofs. Since there is no slope to guide water into a gutter system, a waterproof membrane must be installed to seal the roof against the elements. This membrane can be constructed in a variety of different ways:

1. Asphalt roll roofing uses a layer of fiberglass or base felt attached to cold asphalt using nails to protect the structure from water. It is usually covered with a granular substance such as gravel to reduce the weather’s impact on the structure.

2. Multi-ply roofing consists of overlapping rolls of mats or felt with the asphalt used in roof construction. Something like gravel is again applied on top to reduce the damage caused by wind and rain.

3. Single ply roofing, which is an extremely broad term that can be used to denote anything from self adhesion to the utilization of hot asphalt at the construction site.

Each of these options has its own set of requirements in order to install safely. Therefore, the installation, repair, and maintenance of all flat roofing systems should be left to qualified construction experts. It may be tempting to attempt to do it yourself, but the specialized equipment and level of expertise required make it unlikely to end well for anyone without specific training in Flat Roof Maintenance. Dan Jones of Transcontinental of U.S.A. is specialist with over 50 years experience you could call for an inspection and maintenance.

Regular Flat Roof Maintenance is necessary because weather conditions, failing joints, and the overall inflexibility of the roof system can cause a variety of problems. These include; but are not limited to; a crack in the roof, loose fasteners, rusted flashings, seam separation, water pooling, and the loss of the granular material used to protect the system from the elements. Any of these problems can become expensive to fix with time, so it is best to catch them early on.

The best way to find offending leaks is by having your roof professionally inspected twice each year, especially after major storms. This ensures that any issues cannot snowball into a total disaster. Any good inspector’s checklist must include the following:

1. All flashings and seams must be water tight.

2. All roof drains must be clear.

3. Ensure the actual waterproof membrane is not compromised in any way.

4. Ensure that there is no water pooling anywhere in the system.

5. Double check that the granular substance, such as gravel, remains in place.

Any blisters, creases, or small leaks should be fixed immediately at the time of inspection, while you are still thinking about them. This is another reason why it is so important to have an expert waterproofer carry out the inspection. The majority of the time, a repair job done poorly is worse than if no repairs were attempted at all.

Even the smallest leaks allow water to seep into the structures below. In turn, this water can result in rot and mold harmful to people and pets alike.  It can also compromise the structural integrity of the roof itself, in some cases forcing it to visibly sag requiring a reroof. Locating the offending leak can also prove challenging, as the water damage tends to be somewhat removed from its cause. If water damage is present but the offending leak cannot be located, infrared thermography may be used to pinpoint it.

All of this maintenance work may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but rest assured that a properly maintained flat roof will last years longer thanks to the attention it receives. This is especially important in the Fort Lauderdale area. Among American cities, Fort Lauderdale homeowners have the highest chance of a hurricane or other major storm hitting within 75 miles of them.

The area’s tropical climate and salty air also wreck havoc on flat roofs. While flat roofs are common in southeastern Florida, due to their lack of shingles that can rust, they still require regular maintenance. When it is time to choose who to trust with your roof, there are a number of different factors you should keep in mind. First, your waterproofer should be licensed, insured, and familiar with the hazards of the Fort Lauderdale area.

You should also get a written quote on the price, allowing you to shop around so you do not get ripped off. Checking your contractor’s references is a good idea too. The contract should be in writing as well, preventing any disputes about exactly what is to be performed.

In conclusion, flat roofs are a quality, cost effective option only if they are maintained regularly. While the damage caused by even a small leak can be severe, a licensed waterproofing specialist like Dan Jones and Transcontinental of USA, Inc, can help you keep your current roof over your head for years to come! Call us now to schedule your inspection and get an expert’s opinion and advice! We want you to get the most bang for your buck and keep you property in tip top shape at all times. Give us an opportunity to meet with you and become your waterproofing contractor of choice. No job is too small or too big! 954-763- 7339

The Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Roof


We think you will agree that your home is one of the biggest investments you make in your life and very significant to your well being! It is important that homeowners maintain their home in the best possible condition especially to get the best possible return on the investment (most people own a home around 5 years and less than 10). Your roof is probably one of, if not the most, costly parts of a home to need to replace. You should never buy without a complete inspection. Dan Jones in an expert and specializes in roof inspection and roof and walls restoration and repair for any type of property. Having a roof that is waterproof could make maintenance much easier for you. You may be concerned however, about associated costs to make your roof waterproof. You will be surprised at how fair and affordable Dan Jones and Transcontinental of USA, Inc. are. They take the time to make sure you work within your budget providing you several options to consider to repair and extend your roof’s longevity. Whether you are selling or buying make sure the roof is in good condition. To assist in your understanding the real benefits of this, you need only to take a few seconds to consider some of the following points to be discussed:

1. Less likely To end Up With A Moisture Problem Dan Jones, the WaterproofRoofer, will tell you, “Avoiding a moisture problem is easy with a roof coating!”.

If moisture problems occur inside of the waterproof roofing materials, it becomes a major issue. This could lead to the need for replacement of all the materials and could also expose your family to a lot of health problems. Replacement of the materials will be very costly, especially if it involves replacing everything including the shingles and the wood. Even replacement of the insulation may be required.

Mold growth can contribute to health issues, and only a small amount of moisture coming into your home is needed, for a perfect breeding ground for mold to be created. You need to ensure that you do everything possible therefore, to prevent a terrible infestation.

2. Increases The Value Of Your Home Improvements to the your home should always be considered and planned for, even if you do not suspect that you may ever sell your home. This way your home will be as valuable as it could possibly be if you need to refinance your mortgage or find yourself in the position of having to sell your home. A roof coating such as the system Dan Jones using comes with a guarantee of 5 years or more and can be used to show your insurance and mortgage companies if needed.

Additionally, you will find that if the roof of your home is in good condition, then it will have much more curb appeal. You will enjoy pulling up in front of your home, and so will your neighbors. There is no one who likes living in the house on the street that seems to be in need of the most work. Your neighbors will also appreciate those around them properly maintaining and carrying out improvements to their homes, as this would result in the value of their property increasing as well.

3. It Doesn’t Have To Be Replaced As Quickly

The replacement of a roof can be a very costly expense. As time progresses your roof will only last for so long before you have to remove the old shingles and replace them with new ones, even if there has been no damage to the roof. If the roof is waterproofed then it will be more durable. Therefore the additional expenditure that will be involved in waterproofing your roof, will be beneficial and pay off in the long run.

As you may now realize, there are many advantages to having your roof waterproofed. Your only concern will be ensuring that you contract the services of an experienced and reliable waterproofer, who will do a quality job on your roof. As long as you do the necessary research and confirm their experience in waterproofing roofs, then you will be ready to proceed with this project. Dan Jones has more than 50 years experience atop roofs in SFL.

Transcontinental of USA, Inc. specializes in roof coatings including elastomeric mastic, rubber, silicone ceramic, and so many more. No matter what type of roof you have at your home or business Dan can inspect it and advise you of several options and can save you from a very likely full roof replacement. Remember, we recommend you inspect your roof at least every 2 years due to the nature of the FL sun and heavy weather. Call us we would love to meet you and add you to our list of satisfied customers. 954-763-7339

Is You South Florida Roof Hurricane Ready?

Hurricane MatthewHomeowners in Pompano Beach, Florida know that along with the joys and beauty of living in South Florida also come the winds, rains and hurricanes. Making sure your family and home is as safe and secure as possible, no matter what the weather brings is tantamount to your peace of mind and ability to truly enjoy your home. The hurricane season of 2016 has been relatively slow but we dodged a HUGE storm; is your home ready?

If you cannot answer an unequivocal “yes” to that question, you need to get ready. The weather patterns over the last few years show an increase in the power, strength and number of catastrophic weather events headed toward South Florida. With the ripping winds and torrential downpours hurricanes bring, investing in services from a reputable, experienced waterproof roofer is an essential part of responsible home ownership in Pompano Beach. Roof repairs come in 2 sizes; expensive and inexpensive. Your roof repair will depend on you! You need to regularly maintain your roof having a professional inspect its condition and if necessary repair any small issues.

Without help from an experienced waterproof roofer, you cannot know that your roof can withstand the storms, rains, winds and hail that summers in South Florida bring. During the middle of a hurricane is no time to find out your roof wasn’t ready for what Mother Nature has in store. Services from a waterproof roofer will ensure your roof and walls don’t leak! We use various coatings to form a monolithic film. These include Gaco Silicone Ceramic Insulation, Urethane Foam, Elastomeric Mastic. These sealants will help give strength and structural integrity to your roof so it can handle the high winds and lashing rains of big storms that pop up out of nowhere during the heat and humidity of hurricane season.

The increased ocean temperatures combined with the La Niña weather pattern has/had meteorologists predicting the hurricane season of 2016 to be an active and violent one packed with strong winds, floods and heavy downpours. Don’t wait until the damage is done and your home is leaking from the roof and walls, call today to have our team of experts waterproof your roof and get your home ready for hurricane season. Taking a proactive approach to protecting your home will help you stay calm during the storms knowing you have done everything you can to protect your family and your home. Being proactive can also help our team uncover any potential roof problems such as loose tiles, rotten support beams and other issues before they become a problem and cause leaks and structural damage to your home. This helps you prevent small roofing problems from becoming big, expensive roofing problems down the line.

No matter how large or small your home is, our expert team can help waterproof your roof and help prevent costly, devastating water damage. Water damage can also open the door to major mold infestations. Mold can cause serious health problems and once it is in your home, mold can be extremely difficult and costly to remove. Our PolyGlycoat waterproof roof systems can help prevent these things from happening and ensure your home’s safety and security.

The technology used in waterproof roofing has been used successfully in South Florida for more than 50 years to protect the residents and homes of Pompano Beach. Our waterproof roofer technicians have the experience, expertise and equipment to do the job right and keep your home safe and dry throughout the 2016 hurricane season and beyond.

Don’t wait until the hurricane sirens sound their call to find out if your roof can withstand the winds and rains. Call us today and let us come inspect your roof and discuss the waterproof roofing options available with you to find the solution that best fits your home’s needs and budget. Proudly serving Pompano Beach, we are the waterproof roofer team who can help you beat hurricane season.

He used a procedure utilizing a Silicone base paint that cured my leaking problem

waterproof-roofer-pompanoJuly 22, 2016


Please be advised that I have known Dan Jones for the last 40 years and have found Mr. Jones a great man of knowledge, integrity and an expert on waterproofing and roof repairs.

Over 8 years ago, I contracted Mr. Jones, owner of Transcontinental of USA, Inc. to correct and fix a roof leaking problem at my residence. He used a procedure utilizing a Silicone base paint that cured my leaking problem.

I highly recommend Dan Jones to do all your Roofing and Waterproofing as he has over 40 years experience in the field, and uses the latest techniques and products like the Silicone roof coasting at my home.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below.

Sincerely yours,
Noel E. Escobar, Sr., Accountant
954-474- 5425

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