Advantages of Roof Coatings In Pompano Beach FL

Roof Coatings In Pompano BeachYour roof’s lifespan is subject to many factors. Some of the greatest threats to your roof’s structure are rain and heavy winds. Such harsh weather conditions can damage roofing material and allow water to get into the roof’s substructure thus causing leaks. Roof coatings, such as silicone, has proven to be a viable solution to preventing roof damage and avoiding the high costs of roof repair and or replacement. Numerous benefits come with coating your roof.

Decreased Chances of Leaks

Splitting seams, cracked roof shingles, and shrinking material can lead to unexpected roof leaks. Coating your roof with proper products that prevent moisture infiltration and protect the roof’s structure can drastically reduce the risk of leakage. The coatings used are made of sturdy materials that are less susceptible to peeling and cracking. Many come with guarantees as well.


Adding a roof coating to your roof is much more cost effective than repairing a roof that’s torn off or having to replace an entire roof. Industry professionals can guide you in choosing between urethane, silicone spray coating or acrylics that can be used to coat your roof effectively. Make sure to consult a professional before selecting the roof coating for your property. This is of the utmost importance as it could possibly affect your roof warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Some roof coatings are formulated with highly reflective ingredients, which also have their own advantages. That means the sun’s radiation is bounced back, lowering cooling costs and saving you money in the long run. Energy Star certified roof coating products will guarantee not only energy efficiency but also the extended useful life of your roof.

Increased Life Expectancy

A roof exposed to the heat of Pompano Beach Florida is likely to last longer if it has a heat repelling coating. Some coating material helps to reflect the heat that would otherwise have been absorbed. It sustains the current roof and significantly reduces the rate at which the chemicals in the roof break down as they would on a hot roof.

A damp roof surface will also run the risk of mold and other biological growth that can cause significant long terms damage. Also, a leaking roof may eventually rot, spreading the damage from the roof to the walls and ceilings. If the problem is not fixed quickly, the structure of your home may end up being unstable.

Enhanced Comfort

Lower heat absorption realized from some roof coatings translates to higher comfort levels. A cooler indoor environment is much more relaxing and productive. Your guests are likely to enjoy the cool atmosphere and ambiance of your home when it’s cool. By reducing the water that’s finding its way into your home, a roof coating also contributes to lowering the levels of humidity. Less humid air is more comfortable at higher temperatures and cools more efficiently.

Environmentally friendly

Using a quality roof coating on your roof is considered much more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient as compared to replacing or retiling your roof. Replacement roofs create added landfill and pollution whereas roof coating creates no waste. Roof coatings also takes less time to apply and consumes less energy.

Easier Maintenance

A good roof coating on your roof makes it much easier to maintain your roof. In the long run, you will experience smaller and less extensive roof repairs and maintenance tasks.

Homes that are built without taking into account the need for a roof coating are in danger of irreparable structural damage. As a result of water leakages, moisture can find its way to the soil around the foundation of your home, making it settle and shift. The moisture can also cause cracks in the foundation and with time, lead to structural damage. The structural damage caused by water leaks and moisture can decrease the value of your home.

Prevent the Emergence of Damp Spots

A roof coating helps to prevent wear by the weather that can lead to damp spots on the home’s exterior walls and roofs. These unsightly damp spots of discoloration might potentially stain your walls and roof for good. Over time, the problem may extend into the interior of your home ceiling walls. The right roof coating can, therefore, protect both the exterior and interior of your home.

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