Advantages Of Having A Waterproof Roof

waterproof roofing Pompano BeachIn SFL we have periods with lots of severe weather that usually includes quite a bit of rain. When water gets into unwanted areas such as leaking through the roofs, it is always a sign of a disaster in waiting. In such situation, we seek corrective measures including waterproof roofing. We highly recommend a

Silicone Roofing System where applicable; usually for flat roofs which are most susceptible to pooling water. This is important in preventing an more costly tearing off and replacement of the entire roof. Using the right roof coating is better than spot repairs and comes with a host of benefits as outlined here.

The first major benefit associated with waterproof roofing is the long-term economic savings building owners make. The application of either silicone, urethane or acrylic coating on the existing roofs prevents eventual damage by water and other elements. The waterproof coating is easier to maintain and repair unlike a bare roof. A well-placed waterproof coating requires minimal spot improvements, which makes for a great financial saving. A coated roof that is maintained will prevent the need for a roof replacement 99% of the time.

With a silicone ceramic waterproof roof coating, the cost of cooling your property, during our hottest weather reduces drastically. The reduction saves you on electricity bills and improves your energy efficiency. Many waterproof coating sprays contain ingredients that reflect dangerous infrared radiation from the sun, this is important when selecting the most bang for your buck!. A reflective coating on your roof may earn you additional credit from the government as they qualify for environmental rebate programs as well as savings on our property insurance. The lifespan of a reflective roof is far longer than a heat-absorbing roof. By reflecting back the heat, the polymers and other chemicals in the roof remain intact without breaking down. Using energy star certified waterproof roofing products guarantees efficient energy use and prolongs the life of the roof.

During hot weather, some interior rooms become unbearably hot. A Silicone ceramic waterproofed roof allows for minimal heat absorption, which makes the interiors of your house cooler and comfortable. In commercial buildings, the comfort and cooling effects improve the employees productivity which can result in higher returns.

Infiltration of water through cracks on the roof becomes extinct when your roof has a waterproof layer. As buildings age, they start showing signs of weakness such as cracks, shrinkages or separation at the seams. These areas of weakness are highly susceptible to water leakages, which may become annoying or at times embarrassing. However, waterproofing your roof solves this menace by sealing these weak areas. With less humidity penetrating the interior, your property becomes easier to cool and more comfortable.

The cost saving is even higher as a waterproof coating, like Gaco,  eliminates the need for constant painting of the faded roof colors. Most waterproofing materials are resistance to the fast fading phenomena. The reflective coating applied on your roof reduces the ability of sun to make colors fade fast. Your roof remains almost new for a long time thereby decreasing the need for constant repainting, another money saver!.

To enjoy these benefits, it is important to use a specialized waterproofing expert. One that is qualified, registered, and licensed. See and the many satisfied customers Dan Jones has helped for more than 50 years! You can call Dan directly at 954-763-7339 for a free inspection to learn the condition of your roof and what options are best for you!

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