Choosing The Right Type Of Roofing For Your South Florida Home

waterproof roofing pompanoAll roofs leak sooner or later and you may think the time has come to replace the roof on your home! The best move you can make is to talk with a local waterproof roofing contractor about what type of material works best for South Florida roofing. Dan Jones (954-763-7339) invented waterproofing roofs in 1975 using elastomeric mastic (507B) that Acrylux manufactured for him.  Given the heat during the summer and the high humidity that is common during much of the year, some materials will hold up better than others.  The latest technology utilizing waterproofing materials offer a way to extend the life of your roof and can be applied over the following materials.


Asphalt Roofing

One option you can consider is asphalt.  Available in shingles and also in rolls, is the most inexpensive roofing option that you’ll find.  Most are sturdy enough to provide a couple of decades of use before the residential roof will need replacing-but that doesn’t hold true in SFL where temperature extremes along with hurricane force wind and rains pound the property. Asphalt will crack and need repair and or replacement quicker! When the plan is to install a new roof and never have to do it again, look closely at other options.


Wood Shingles

If you have a cottage by the water, wood shingles may be just the right touch.  This approach to South Florida roofing does involve only investing in shingles that are made using treated wood. Once the material is stained or painted, it needs to be sealed in order to withstand the effects of the sun.  If you go with this choice, be prepared to invest more time in general maintenance and upkeep.  You can minimize maintenance and extend the longevity of the roof by using a Silicone Ceramic or other coating with it.


Roofing Tiles

The right type of roofing tiles will add a lot to the look of your home. Available in a number or sizes and colors, it won’t be hard to find something that fits in with the house design and brings out some of the more attractive architectural elements.

Like asphalt, roofing tiles are relatively easy to install.  If you make sure the tiles are kept free of any debris and have them cleaned and coated every few years, there is no reason why the roof will not provide excellent performance indefinitely. Keep in mind that along with maintaining the appearance of the tiles, the coating (Silicone Ceramic is best) helps to provide another layer of protection from the sun.  That will make it easier to cool your home during the middle of the summer.


Metal Roofing

You may not think of metal as being the ideal material for South Florida roofing, but this approach provides advantages that should be considered closely.  The metal can be in the form of panels that create a solid surface, something that is great if you want a sleek look to the roof.  You can also invest in metal shingles that are cut to any size or shape that goes with the design of your home.

With any type of metal roofing, the material is sealed with Silicone Ceramic to help resist fading and damage from hail and high winds.  Even if you want the metal painted instead of leaving the natural patina, the coating will protect the color and ensure the roof doesn’t fade.

One of the important perks of metal roofs is that they are built to last.  It is not unusual for residential roofs made with the right type of metal to last for up to five decades.  You will pay a little more for this solution, but given the durability and the relatively easy maintenance, your money will be well spent.

Keep in mind that your properties are some of the most important investments you’ll ever make.  Choosing the best roofing for them helps to protect the market value and makes it easier to keep the cooling costs within a reasonable range.  With the aid of a waterproof roofing contractor, you can explore the pros and cons of each of these options in more detail.  Once the best choice is identified, it will not take long to have the new roof in place.

Remember, utilizing a Silicone Ceramic coating from the start will provide added roof longevity and you can coat a leaky roof and extend it up to 8 years and the process can be repeated indefinitely! Call Dan Jones directly at 954-763-7339 the original Waterproof Roofer!

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