Do you “really” know your roof?

 Deteriorated urethane foam Roof Pompano

Deteriorated urethane foam

Do you “really” know your roof?

South Florida has the distinction of being one of the toughest areas in the country related to roof maintenance because of the weather elements. The sun actually cooks your roof! Your roof seams, flashings, fasteners and other components expand, each at a different rate, thereby varying shear force that begins to tear your roof up. When the sun goes down and your roof begins to cool, the contraction of the seams etc. adds to its weakening. Not all of the heat dissipates, some of it remains in your living space. Your roof may also experience “roof shock” when a passing shower of cold rain hits. All of the above lead to premature roof failure and costly replacements.

When was the last time you saw your roof from above? Somebody needs to inspect your roof and take pictures so you can see if there are any developing problems that you won’t see until water is leaking and showing in your ceiling and/or walls. By the time you see this leak inside your home or office it will be an expensive repair. Now you need to replace wood and that means taking apart some of the roof.

Repairs include several steps:

Do not wait until you see a leak!

As your roof gets hotter and hotter, the high temperature is transferring to your living space and as we all know, greatly increases the work of your air conditioner along with your electric bill!

Another recommendation is to procure a Temperature Report (mostly flat roofs) before and after sealing it. We use a silicone ceramic system and it can lower the roof temperature by as much as 50 degrees. It may cost a little more, but lowering your roof temperature greatly reduces your energy need and you will find this offsets the cost and truly it pays for itself in a short time.

We can apply the coating to waterproof and help reduce heat on many types of roofs including:

Metal, Tile, Bermuda, Shingle, Modified Bitumen, 90#Felt, Fiberglass 3 Ply, Built-up, Stucco Walls, Metal Walls, and more.

Our last recommendation, is do not rely on just one bid. Be sure to compare at least 3 bids for any roof work. This will allow you to become a bit more educated about your roof and get a fair price.

We hope you will provide us the opportunity to be of service. Contact us now!

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