Finding leaks on your roof?

Finding Roof Leaks

Finding Roof Leaks

For the layman there is the possibility of not noticing a damaged roof and therefore, a thorough inspection by a professional is necessary. If you do find what looks like the leak you can easily seal the cracks that are visible in ceiling with different products that are obtained from hardware stores, but these products have the ability to only fix up the crack and not really correct the leak. Leaks usually occur from any damage to the surface or seam causing it to lose its watertight ability. Any kind of spot of your roof that is not watertight can cause a major leak in the house or business. Leaky roofs can cause cosmetic damage but more importantly they can allow water to seep in weaken the structure of the house.

Weatherproofing the exterior walls, doors and windows of a building or structure can be of little help in cases that there is a problem with the roof. Our professional Fort Lauderdale Roofers will inspect and will look on the outside for any missing shingles made by harsh weather, wind, storms, falling branches and even animals. They also have the ability to look inside the attic to find out whether there is any sign of past water leakage or damage. Leaks can happen in different parts of the roof like flashing, cladding, and shingles and brick chimney.

The most common cause of leak is due to roof vents which can be fixed by replacing them. While replacing, you should check for missing nails at the bottom edge of vent and replace them with rubber-washer screws. Another reason behind the leak is loose flashing that is intersected at the roof. Roofs need to be replaced from normal toll as they take over the years of being out in harsh storms and the sun.

Another issue that can help your roof and lesson chances of it leaking is to ensure that gutters are clean and functional. Doing this, you can prevent water from collecting on your roof. In case your gutters are clogged and not functioning correctly, it can turn out to be a severe problem.

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