Why You Need To Call A Waterproof Roofer Now

waterproof-roofer-pompanoLiving in the southern area of Florida does mean enjoying lots of sunshine for much of the year. Even so, it also means dealing with summer showers that seem to come out of nowhere. There’s also the annual hurricane season that can spell trouble as fronts move west off the Atlantic or east out of the Gulf. One of the best ways to protect the roof from the wind and the rain is to have a waterproof roofer come in now and seal the roof. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

Minimizing the Risk of Leaks

Even if you are lucky this year and none of the fronts moving onshore turn out to be nothing more than tropical storms, they can still pack enough power to do some damage. Think of the beating that your roof will take during those storms. The driving rain plus the winds may not reach hurricane status, but you could still lose tiles or experience hail strong enough to puncture your roof.

One of the things about having a waterproof roofer check the roof and apply a clear roof coating is that you increase the roof’s resistant to wind, rain, and hail. Even if you have several storms over the course of the season, the roof has a much better chance of remaining intact and free of any kind of leakage.

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Less Need for Repairs

High winds of any type can lead to damage other than leaking. After a front moves through the area, you could find roof tile fragments littering the yard. That means you need a professional to come in and replace the broken tiles before the next front can come through.

If you choose to have a waterproof roofer treat the roof now, the resistance to wind damage is increased. That translates to less cleanup for you to do after the storm, and certainly less repairs to your roof. A monolithic film coating with silicone ceramic, urethane foam or elastomeric mastic will be enough to ensure your roof does not develop a problem at all.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The treatment that the waterproof roofer applies also has a positive impact on the energy consumption around the house. On days when the sun is shining and the temperature and humidity levels are extreme, the right type of roof coating helps to reduce the amount of energy your cooling system needs to keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature.

If you do have to stay in the home for a couple of days due to driving rains and high winds, the fact that the roof coating makes the home more airtight will ensure the place doesn’t begin to feel stuffy from increased moisture. That’s a big plus when you have hurricane panels over all the windows and the house does begin to feel a little bit like a cave.

Protecting the Roof from Other Types of Damage

While your motivation for calling the waterproof roofer may be to get ready for hurricane season, the application of that roof coating will help even on the days when the sun is shining brightly. That’s because the products used in the treatment help to create an additional layer of protection for all of your roofing materials and usually translates to less wear on AC equipment which also lowers your FP&L bill.

Thanks to the presence of the coating, the roof will hold up better to the constant heat generated by the sun and summer storms.

If you haven’t called a waterproof roofer and arranged an inspection yet, now is the time to take action. The heat is already significant and the potential for bad weather is rising. Once the roofer takes care of any minor issues and applies the waterproof coating, you and your home have a better chance of making it through the season intact.

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