Do You Need a New Roof?

Coconut Creek water-tight RoofIf you own a home in Coconut Creek, making sure that you have a water-tight roof is definitely important. South Florida is certainly known for its beautiful weather and wonderful sunny days; however, this area is also known for its high humidity and regular rainfall. Protecting your home means making sure that your roof is watertight and in so doing
you can keep your roof like new for years and years.

Why Waterproofing a Roof is Important

When moisture gets under your roofing materials, it won’t be long before significant damage can take place. Trusses, joists, insulation, framework, and roofing materials can all be damaged from excess moisture. A small leak can lead to widespread damage, especially when left undetected over weeks or months. Unfortunately, when a roof develops a leak, it’s often not evident until the homeowner begins to see signs of water damage on their home’s walls or ceilings; by this time, materials exposed to water have already started to deteriorate and the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew has been left unchecked.

Unseen Damage

When water finds its way in to cracks or even small unseen leaks on your roof, the underlayment and entire roof structure can potentially be damaged. Water leaks can follow along roofing elements, often causing the identifiable leak a long way from where the water actually entered your roof. As the water travels along joists and trusses, wood and
insulation in its path are also exposed to long periods of dampness. This can create an environment for a mold problem not to mention may cause rotting and other damage. You need a seasoned professional like Roof Doctor Dan Jones, who has over 50 years atop SFL properties, to inspect your roof and advise you of your best option. Your roof will leak sooner
or later, but you can avoid this when working with a professional who will inspect and coat your roof before you incur major damage. Call Dan for your FREE no obligation inspection. 954-763- 7339.

If soffits and fascia are damaged, you also have a situation where insects, birds, and small animals, such as squirrels can gain access to your attic; this can lead to even more damage as well as the expense of ridding your home of these destructive nuisances. Hence make sure to check them regularly as SFL heavy rains that gush in gutters cause rust over time and rot the fascia and soffits.

Protect Your Home with Professional Roof Coatings

Professionals use a number of products in order to provide and protect your roof and home. Whether you have a flat or low slope roof, hip and valley, open gable, or other type of roof, there’s a roof coating solution that’s just right for your home.

While there are many types of roof coatings on the market, not all of them actually have waterproofing capabilities. However, products such as epoxy rubber or ceramic insulation coatings can provide the waterproof barrier your roof needs in order to protect your home. When these products are applied by a professional roofer, you’ll have the adhesion necessary to help seal out moisture. The first step in adding this type of coating is to ensure that the roof is properly prepped. This means it must be thoroughly cleaned and dried in order to form the adhesion necessary to bond the products for maximum benefits. Essentially these coatings are like an umbrella for your property.

Coating Your Roof can Also Make it More Energy Efficient

Many coatings are manufactured with reflective properties. These reflective properties help keep your roof cool, so your HVAC won’t have to work so hard to cool your home. A cool roof is more energy efficient, and will allow you to use less energy for air conditioning. You will find when professionally applied roof coatings come with 5 to 10 year warranty. Coatings can be re-applied and can keep your roof like new for years and years. The energy and cost savings realized quickly pay for a coating!

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