Do I need a Roof Replacement?

roof waterproofing pompanoMany people dread the thought of paying for a roof replacement. Having your roof replaced is a costly job. You can hire experts to do the task or you could chance it and have a go at repairing the roof yourself. A task you will likely regret in the long run! However, if your roof starts to fall into major disrepair it may be necessary to replace the roof as soon as possible

It’s unlikely your roof falls into the replacement category; it can easily be assessed with an inspection. Here at Transcontinental of USA, Dan Jones-the original waterproof roofer, will provide a FREE initial roof inspection and will advise you of your options. We don’t recommend the expense of roof replacement depending upon the amount of deterioration-“Don’t spend more money than you have to!”, is Dan’s mottos! Adding a Gaco Silicone roofing system can add years to your existing roof at half the cost of a replacement.

It never pays to ignore a roof that needs to be repaired! Regular annual inspection and timely maintenance is your best defense. A leaking roof is no good when it rains. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to keep everything in tip top condition. The weather and numerous other environmental factors often present too big a challenge for roofs that are exposed to the elements month after month and year after year without necessary maintenance.

Naturally safety must always come first. If the roof falls into a dire state of repair then the roof could collapse and cause harm to people or property that are nearby. A badly damaged roof poses a threat to all who enter the home so at this stage a roof replacement should definitely be considered.

In general a roof repair or replacement will be guaranteed for a period of time. (Providing that the work has been carried out by a licensed contractor). If you encounter difficulties then you can fall back on the warranty. These warranties are designed to offer peace of mind.

Maintenance after a roof repair with a warranty or a roof replacement should include periodic inspection for soft spots, leaks and damage. The warranty may have to be paid for but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you know that your roof repair or roof replacement is guaranteed for a set number of years then it will save you a lot of worry.

Many people who buy new homes or businesses worry that the building may need a roof replacement; after all replacing a roof is bound to cost a lot of money. If the roof replacement has a warranty then this will take a lot of the stress and worry away. No property owner should decide to replace a roof unless it is a matter of urgency. A defective roof will cause untold damage to the entire building! Remember the old adage that a stitch in time saves nine? A well maintained roof, especially one with a Silicone Roofing System, will save you from needing a roof replacement! Call Dan Jones for a FREE inspection today in the South Florida area! Add years to your roof and peace of mind!

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