Polymers Used for Roofing Product

TROY, OHIO (July 19, 2:15 p.m. ET) — Sparta Polymers, a manufacturer that works with recycled resins, has reached a deal with Ridged Systems to sell its Top Notch Ridge Cap locking device for high-wind roofing applications.

Sparta, based in Troy, Ohio, announced the deal with Delray Beach, Fla.-based roofing company Ridged Systems, in a June 23 news release.

The Top Notch Ridge Cap locking device is a polyethylene composite extruded to a 10 foot length, Rick Sofia, a member of the sales staff at Sparta Polymers, said in a July 15 telephone interview.

Tim Graboski, president and CEO of Ridged Systems, said in a July 16 telephone interview that he developed the locking device in 2006 after Florida state building codes changed, and because of the challenges of building in high-wind areas.

Friends in the recycling business connected him with Sofia, Graboski said.

“The product is complicated to manufacture, and Rick’s expertise helped overcome challenges,” Graboski said.

The two companies began product testing in 2007, and it went to market in 2009. It is currently used in residential housing. The device is produced for both commercial and consumer use, Sofia said, but the majority of buyers are commercial.

Sofia said Sparta Polymers has been making the locking device for Ridged Systems for a number of years.

Now, in addition to being Ridgeway’s materials supplier and manufacturer of the locking device, Sparta will also be sharing in the sales responsibilities of the product.

Sofia said as of right now, Florida is the only state that uses the locking device, something he hopes to change as Sparta gets involved in sales.

He said the company wants to “broaden out to other areas,” including states he refers to as “high hurricane states,” like North and South Carolina.

Graboski added that he is working with the Texas Department of Insurance to get approval to use the locking device in that state.

He is also working with a naval base in Guam that wants to use the device. Testing is currently going on there, Graboski said, a process that has very stringent requirements because the device would be tested by winds that accompany a tsunami.

According to Sparta’s release, “traditional tile roofing cap[s] anchored by wood or aluminum can withstand 100 mile per hour winds.”

But the Top Notch Ridge Cap locking device can withstand winds of up to 250 mph because of its high-density polyethylene construction, Sofia said.

Because of this resistance, Sofia said, it is the only locking device officially approved by Miami-Dade County in Florida.

Graboski explained that getting the approval of Miami-Dade, referred to as the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA), is very difficult, and that he did not want to launch the product until he received this approval.

Sofia said the state of Florida is currently working on legislation that would require all roofing caps be able to withstand winds between 150 to 200 mph. If such a law were to pass, Sofia said, the Top Notch Ridge Cap locking device would become the only approved cap on the market

Both Sofia and Graboski said over a million feet of the locking device was sold last year.

Graboski said the development of the Top Notch Ridge Cap locking device is “based on innovation and the market gap, and coming together and using innovative technology and products that are going to be more sustainable.”

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