Pompano Beach Waterproof Roofer

Many things have the potential to damage a home’s roof, including fallen trees and limbs, pests, and weather. If you live in South Florida, however, the two worst enemies of a roof are the sudden bursts of rain and the sun’s intense UV rays. Both of these conditions are relatively persistent and homeowners should understand how they can damage the roof. Many people don’t realize how sudden changes in the climate affect a property’s roof. A Pompano Beach roofer, like Roof Doctor Dan Jones of Transcontinental of USA, Inc. can inspect the roof and explain why roof maintenance is so important for property owners.

In the 1970’s Florida became known as the “sunshine state.” Since then, people have arrived from all over the world in droves, to enjoy the warm sunshine the state is known for. The sun’s warming effect can feel good and can be energizing, but the roof of your home is meant to protect your building and not likely to experience the same benefit. The intense Florida sun can cause damage in just a few years, leading to costly roofing repairs. The most typical damage caused by the sun is warped or cracked roofing including old ties, tar paper, foam, rubber etc. When they suffer this type of damage, they can no longer do the job of effectively protecting and insulating your home from the common elements.

Though the sun shines frequently, Florida also gets a good dose of rain consistently. Roofing materials are designed to withstand rain. But, whether the rain comes with heavy winds or not, the frequency of rain can lead to serious roof damage. A properly cared for and well maintained roof can withstand a heavy tropical storm. But, constant rain and fluctuation in temperature will make weak areas on the roof. Roof cracks in need or roof repair are areas of particular concern. In rainy conditions water will be able to work its way through open areas, leading to further damage of the roof and eventually intrusion into the property. It’s always a good idea to have a professional roofer, who is expert in roof repair and roof coatings, periodically inspect your home’s roof and look for any potential signs of wear or damage.

Routine inspections by a waterproof roofer can help find any trouble areas on the roof, before the damage becomes more costly. You can literally save thousands of dollars by having regular inspections done by a professional roofer like Dan Jones! This is a good practice to avoid paying for additional damage to your home.

Your home is a major financial investment and your family is likely to spend plenty of time indoors. So, you should take as much care of the roof as possible and address any potential problem areas right away. At Transcontinental U.S.A. Inc., we care for our customer’s properties like they are ours and we offer the most competitive rates possible. “Don’t spend more money than you have to!” says Roof Doctor Dan Jones of Pompano Beach. A timely repair and roof coating, with regular upkeep-about every 5 years, will keep your roof like new indefinitely!

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