Silicone Roof Coating Offers Proven Best Results for Water-Tight Roof

Silicone Roof Coating Pompano BeachWhen it comes to a roof coating that is fully water-resistant, the go-to website is because its 50 year history and state of the art products result in effective, affordable and satisfied residential and commercial clients. In fact, this professional roof coating company uses experts who understand the unique needs of all roof types when it comes to this water-resistant roof application process.  There are numerous happy home and business owners in Pompano Beach, and greater Broward County Florida, for example, who used this service. One look at the testimonials on the website and you find glowing testimony about their roofs now being able to withstand any kind of high wind, rain or other acts of nature.

Roof Dr. Dan Jones knows how to make any type of roof fully water resistant by adding specialized coatings and sealers to roofs needing protection.  A homeowner said he contacted because his roof needed leaks repair and that a regular roofer could not sort out.  In turn, Roof Dr. Dan’s specialized service offered true “liquid roofing” protection that is not usually serviced by everyday roofers, said the homeowner online.

Silicone Roof Coating Called “Vital”

This unique type of water-tight roof coating has been viewed as vital to the long life of any type of residential or commercial roof. A special high-tech silicone roof coating is used and when properly maintained can last a lifetime.  The advantages offered in this unique process, that protects any type of residential or commercial roof, are all about new high-tech roofing liquids that not only coat, but protect a roof from extremes of heat, cold and various water conditions.  This type of roofing protection is not usually in the “tool box” of roofers because this liquid roofing concept is “a specialized process, requiring special products that create a monolithic film,” and requires an expert to apply it as the manufacturer directs. These coatings also come with warranties and usually outlast the warranty greatly when properly maintained, in fact can last a lifetime!!

It’s true other liquid roofing has been around since the 19th century, however not with the superior water-tight properties of today’s Silicone Ceramic, PolyGlycoat, etc.

Protecting one’s investment

The most protection and benefits come from a Silicone Ceramic roof coating. Not only does it create a monolithic film but reduces roof temperature resulting in lower energy costs while improving interior temperatures. Every roof is its own; it must be professionally inspected to assess the proper product for the project. Adhesion is key along with maintenance after the coating is applied. A seasoned professional like Roof Dr. Dan Jones, with 60 years atop SFL roofs, will be able to offer you the most comprehensive advice and options to meet the requirements of your particular commercial or residential property.   There are specialized water-tight solutions for roofs that are pitched, domed, tile or flat.

The advantages of this type of roof water-tight coating include:

– A proven best way to protect one’s real estate investment.

– Savings on cooling and heating utility bills because a water-tight roof keeps the heat and cold out; while serving the best needs of the inside environment desired by the home or business property owner.

– This type of waterproofing keeps the underside of all roofs dry and fully protected from rain, wind and nature’s elements, states the manufacturer.

– Full product and servicing guarantee for the product to perform as specified on all roofing types as promised during the warranty. Roof coatings can be reapplied periodically and last a lifetime. Don’t spend more money than you have to; a roof coating is about 50% less than a re-roof.

Overall, there has never been a better time to jump on the liquid roofing “water-tight coating” bandwagon, and get your residential or commercial roof sorted out with the best roofing weather protection that money can buy.  This specialized roof coating is produced and applied to outlast any like roofing product in the marketplace; while also being priced affordable for all types of roofs.

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