Is You South Florida Roof Hurricane Ready?

Hurricane MatthewHomeowners in Pompano Beach, Florida know that along with the joys and beauty of living in South Florida also come the winds, rains and hurricanes. Making sure your family and home is as safe and secure as possible, no matter what the weather brings is tantamount to your peace of mind and ability to truly enjoy your home. The hurricane season of 2016 has been relatively slow but we dodged a HUGE storm; is your home ready?

If you cannot answer an unequivocal “yes” to that question, you need to get ready. The weather patterns over the last few years show an increase in the power, strength and number of catastrophic weather events headed toward South Florida. With the ripping winds and torrential downpours hurricanes bring, investing in services from a reputable, experienced waterproof roofer is an essential part of responsible home ownership in Pompano Beach. Roof repairs come in 2 sizes; expensive and inexpensive. Your roof repair will depend on you! You need to regularly maintain your roof having a professional inspect its condition and if necessary repair any small issues.

Without help from an experienced waterproof roofer, you cannot know that your roof can withstand the storms, rains, winds and hail that summers in South Florida bring. During the middle of a hurricane is no time to find out your roof wasn’t ready for what Mother Nature has in store. Services from a waterproof roofer will ensure your roof and walls don’t leak! We use various coatings to form a monolithic film. These include Gaco Silicone Ceramic Insulation, Urethane Foam, Elastomeric Mastic. These sealants will help give strength and structural integrity to your roof so it can handle the high winds and lashing rains of big storms that pop up out of nowhere during the heat and humidity of hurricane season.

The increased ocean temperatures combined with the La Niña weather pattern has/had meteorologists predicting the hurricane season of 2016 to be an active and violent one packed with strong winds, floods and heavy downpours. Don’t wait until the damage is done and your home is leaking from the roof and walls, call today to have our team of experts waterproof your roof and get your home ready for hurricane season. Taking a proactive approach to protecting your home will help you stay calm during the storms knowing you have done everything you can to protect your family and your home. Being proactive can also help our team uncover any potential roof problems such as loose tiles, rotten support beams and other issues before they become a problem and cause leaks and structural damage to your home. This helps you prevent small roofing problems from becoming big, expensive roofing problems down the line.

No matter how large or small your home is, our expert team can help waterproof your roof and help prevent costly, devastating water damage. Water damage can also open the door to major mold infestations. Mold can cause serious health problems and once it is in your home, mold can be extremely difficult and costly to remove. Our PolyGlycoat waterproof roof systems can help prevent these things from happening and ensure your home’s safety and security.

The technology used in waterproof roofing has been used successfully in South Florida for more than 50 years to protect the residents and homes of Pompano Beach. Our waterproof roofer technicians have the experience, expertise and equipment to do the job right and keep your home safe and dry throughout the 2016 hurricane season and beyond.

Don’t wait until the hurricane sirens sound their call to find out if your roof can withstand the winds and rains. Call us today and let us come inspect your roof and discuss the waterproof roofing options available with you to find the solution that best fits your home’s needs and budget. Proudly serving Pompano Beach, we are the waterproof roofer team who can help you beat hurricane season.

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