The Superiority Of Silicone Roof Coating

ceramic coating Pompano BeachPompano Beach professionals, like Dan Jones the original waterproof roofer, have been applying Silicone Ceramic roof coatings for nearly 50 years. This high-quality roofing option has become more affordable and the savings realized are many fold.  Having a silicone ceramic coating applied to your roof is like air conditioning your roof. Essentially, it’s an insulation with “R” factors. This makes the inside of the home or business significantly cooler, which translates to a reduction in utility costs, less wear on your air conditioning equipment and extends the life of your roof up to 10 years.

There are still homeowners and business owners who are unconvinced that the benefits of coating their roof with silicone ceramic warrant the cost of getting it done.  However, as a growing number of individuals are using the coating, it is becoming more well known that the value far outweighs the costs.  Below are some of the main benefits of a silicone roof coating:

Environmentally Friendly

Silicone coatings have very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and they are solvent free. This indicates that the coatings are inflammable.  They can ignite; however, they have an extremely high flashpoint and do not have adequate fuel to sustain fire.  Silicone coatings have tremendously low VOC levels that are even lower than what the strictest states require.  This means the coating not only meets, but exceeds material safety standards.

Superior Solids Content

The solids content of silicone coating is superior to acrylic and other less expensive applications.  As such, a thicker single coat can be applied without the effectiveness and quality of the application being compromised when cured.  This ends up saving on time spent on the roof and overall labor costs.  The precise scientific and technical formulation of silicone coatings has been improved over many years; this has made the “high-build” capability of the coating possible.  Being able to apply thicker coatings is an indication that the installer can make corrections to minor slope problems.  This will reduce the likelihood of ponding water during and after the application process.

Unmatched Performance

Ponding water is no match for a silicone coating on your roof.  This is largely due to its technical formulation that enables it to form a watertight membrane.  This makes the roof resistant to ponding water and makes the coating superior to its cheaper counterparts.  A silicone roof coating will maintain its adhesion and will not leak.  In addition, silicone coatings are formulated specially to be non-sacrificial; as a result, they do not chalk away as time goes by.  Instead of deteriorating slowly and becoming useless, silicone roof coatings stay in virtually the same form following installation.

Resistant to Biological Growth

Pompano Beach, like the rest of Florida, has the real concern of algae and mildew growth on the roof.  If left unchecked, this can create serious problems including causing damage to the roof.  Silicone coating is the most effective at resisting biological growth as it resists microbial attachment and contributes no food source.  It is specially formulated for environments that are warm and damp.

No Primer Necessary

In most cases, no primer is needed before applying a silicone roof coating.  It can typically be directly applied to the surface of an existing roof after it has been thoroughly power washed.  This eliminates the cost of buying primer and also lowers labor cost.  An adhesion test will be performed before the silicone coating is applied to ensure there is no flimsy residue is on the roof.   Dan Jones of Transcontinental of U.S.A., primes and seals all his work because layers of coatings help extend the life of your roof and cost very little additional and is the  most resilient.

This simple system can be used to alleviate many roofing problems.  Compared to other coatings this coating will keep you looking good from the top of your roof to the bottom of your pool.

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