The Value of a Waterproof Roof In South Florida

waterproof-roofer-pompano-beachSouth Florida is a great place to live in with beautiful neighborhoods and plenty of opportunities. The weather is also ideal for those who prefer warm weather. However, sometimes it can get a little too hot in the summer. The sun and rain can bear down on the region with such ferocity as to push temperature past 90 degrees and flood areas for hours.

Homes also need to contend with frequent rainfall that tests the integrity of their roofing. Any weakness in the structure will eventually be exposed through leaks and decay. Many are becoming more proactive to avoid the hassle. They get painting and waterproof roofing services to obtain the following benefits:

Keep the Family Safe and Dry

If you know that your roof has leaks, then dark clouds will always be a cause for concern. Previous experience has taught you what might happen and it is not at all pleasant. The water can make its way to the bedrooms causing sleepless nights. The sheets will be soaked and the floor will require a lot of cleaning.

Waterproofing gives you peace of mind. You will never have to worry no matter what the weather forecast may be. Even strong rains will not be able to penetrate the house. Every square inch will be sealed to keep out moisture from the interiors. We also paint and waterproof walls and ceilings to help with this. Thus, the family will remain safe and dry amidst raging storms.

Increase Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, then a bit of renovation is definitely in order. Home buyers will appreciate diligent maintenance and improvements, including painting. It doesn’t matter how old the house is as long as it remains perfectly livable.

Among the most highly scrutinized parts of a house are the bathrooms, the kitchens, and the roof. Nobody wants to move into a place that has leaks which they will have to fix. If they see signs of these, then they are likely to offer a very low price for the property citing the issue. Do waterproofing before listing to increase the resale value.

Energy Efficiency

When it’s not raining in the area, the sun is heating up all the roofs which warm up the interiors. Air conditioners must work double time in order to keep the inhabitants cool and comfortable. This means using up more energy to counteract the effects of the summer sun.

There are various materials which may be used for waterproofing. Many of these have excellent insulation properties – exactly what homes in South Florida need. This new layer on the roof protects not only from moisture but also from extreme heat. Air conditioners can therefore operate in a more efficient manner.

Lower Energy Bills

With reduced energy consumption come lower monthly utility bills. The cooling system usually draws the largest amount of energy among all appliances so any decrease is welcome. This should make a significantly positive impact on the household budget. The cost getting a waterproof roof will be offset by the monthly savings and the higher resale value. It is truly a logical investment.

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