What is the VALUE of your ROOF?

Pompano Beach RoofingObvious value of a roof is that it protects you and your valuables from the elements. Roof replacement is expensive and something most homeowners do only once or twice in their lifetime. One of the main reasons for needing to replace a Pompano roof is poor workmanship. Inadequate installation (i.e. inadequate nailing, use of old flashing and pipe boots, etc.), can cause water leakage and if undetected can result in mold in your walls and attic. If it is determined that poor workmanship is to blame, very often any manufacturer warranty will become void. To maximize the life of your roof you want to make sure to have regular inspections, at least every 2 years. Also, when performing maintenance on your roof be sure you are using a licensed provider/supplier and that their insurance is in force. The easiest way to be sure is to ask them for a copy of their Accord Certificate.

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It will show the limits of coverage and dates of coverage. It is prudent for a company to carry a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance. You can rest assured you are getting a professional when “you see” copies of their license and insurance. Remember before you contract for any work, ask for references. This is very important. Of course no one is going to provide a poor reference, but the scope of the jobs they have performed will give you an indication of the level of competency they possess.

Other things to consider in keeping your roof trouble free is to be sure and keep shrubbery and trees trimmed away from the roof. Branches near your roof serve as stairways for rodents that usually find their way in to your attic! A compromised soffit will make it even easier for rodents to gain access to your attic. Removal of them is another costly job!! Regular inspection and maintenance of your roof and soffits is so important. Don’t forget your gutters! Clogged gutters can result in damaging the wood and you will easily see the rot and mold When it comes to your roof it is probably the most valuable part of your house as it is very costly to replace. If you have a leak, you have a problem that is bigger than the brown spot on your ceiling! You can spend $600 on a roof leak repair, but the areas around the roof repair are still old and most likely 3 years down the road you will be looking at roof replacement (you will likely have repaired additional leaks over the 3 years). Roof replacements start at $12,000. A good option, if not great, is to renew your roof with a waterproof coating; starting at around $3,000 which will extend the life of the roof 8-10 years. You can easily see the difference $12,000 on top of several roof repairs or $3,000 to waterproof when the 1st leak appears. It’s a no brainer but when was the last time you had your roof inspected???

You need a qualified roofer, knowledgeable also about waterproofing, to inspect and report the status of your roof. They will identify problems that you will not be able to yourself until it’s too late!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Ben Franklin summed up roof maintenance succinctly!

*Values supplied are based on a roof of approximately 6000sf

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