Pool Resurfacing

pool-resurfacing-pompanoWhat is your Pool’s Present Condition?

If your pool is bare concrete (or plaster), or fiberglass then you need to prime and seal it. A primer with 2 coats of the appropriate coating will keep your pool looking clean and help keep the shell from deteriorating. Naturally, chlorine and acid, over time, eats the finish.

If your pool has been previously coated with a rubber based paint, an epoxy paint or an acrylic paint you are well advised to monitor it and use a sealer to prolong the durability of the concrete.

Even pools with finishes of marcite, gunite or Diamond Brite will need upkeep. Make sure you use a professional waterproofer, like Dan Jones, to insure you use the right formulas for your pool. Often problems can occur when different types of finishes are combined with the existing one. It may be necessary to provide a chip of the current coating to identify it if unknown by current owners.

It is wiser before the pool ages 10 years, to be alert to any changes or deterioration before you need to resurface.

Ask us about a package for your pool and roof. We use the latest technology that can even reduce your flat roof temperature as much as 50 degrees!

Dan Jones, the original waterproof roofer, created a coating together with Acrylux enjoyed by his customers for over 50 years. If you need a coating for your walls, roof or pool please contact us for a no obligation quote. There is no substitute for a professional like Dan Jones who has spent over 50 years atop the many roofs of South Florida!

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait til you hire an amateur!”

Call Dan directly at 954-763- 7339. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be of service!

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