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The Importance Of Flat Roof Maintenance

Waterproof Roofer Fort LauderdaleThe roof is the first line of defense against wind and rain and the Fort Lauderdale climate can take its toll on any structure. Commercial structures and residential buildings featuring flat roofs require routine maintenance and inspection. The older the roof is, the more likely it is to have damage from ordinary wear and tear and the more important it is to schedule regular inspections at least every 2 years, and yearly is ideal. Flat roof maintenance is the most effective way to avoid expensive repair and replacement costs.

Flat Roof Physical Description

As the name implies, a flat roof has no slope but instead maintains the same elevation the entire width and length. A membrane made of rubber or some other waterproofing material covers this type of roof. The material aids in water drainage through the gutters. Flat roofs are less expensive than roofs with a pitch, which make them attractive for home builders on a budget. These roofs do not need shingles, a plus for Fort Lauderdale property owners, because the harsh climate causes many materials to rot.

If you are looking for a Waterproof Roofer in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact us now!

Flat metal roofs were introduced to construction during the 1800s and today consumers can choose from three different roofing systems:

Consumers should count on qualified waterproofing contractors for all installation, repairs and flat roof maintenance needs for the best performance.

Reasons for Regular Flat Room Maintenance

Most property owners choose flat roof installation because it is affordable. Even a flat roof requires regular maintenance to extend the life of the materials. Harsh weather, rigidity and the tendency for joints to fail can cause the following problems:

A small leak will only get worse if left unchecked and eventually it can lead to serious property damage from hard to detect water intrusion. Leaks can be difficult to locate on flat roofs and this means they can go unnoticed for extended periods. When this happens, water seeps through the roof and soaks the insulation. Once the material starts to rot, the environment is favorable for mold growth and can affect the health of the building’s occupants. The roof structure will rot and require extensive repairs or replacement if the damage is severe enough. In many cases, the water pools in an area that is usually far away from the leaky portion of the roof. If too much water accumulates, the roof sags and becomes a major problem.

Experts recommend roof inspections take place twice per year and after any severe storm. The inspection should include:

If all else fails, the waterproofing expert may use infrared thermography to locate hidden leaks. As long as a professional waterproofer makes repairs early, a roofing system will last for decades.

How Fort Lauderdale Weather Damages Roofs

Fort Lauderdale building owners have to consider the climate when maintaining a flat roof. All roofs are under assault by the elements on a daily basis. Roofing systems in Fort Lauderdale have to be able to stand up to salty air, summer storms and scorching temperatures.

This region of Florida has unique weather patterns that pose a threat to property. Hurricanes and storms are common in this area. Every year there is a 27% chance that Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities in the southeast region of the state will be within 75 miles of the path of a hurricane. The high winds and heavy rains associated with these systems can damage a roofing system and require extensive repairs.

Even exposure to a moderate amount of moisture, sun and wind on a daily basis can take its toll on an old roof. A roofing expert should inspect the surface of an old roof and evaluate any storm damage.

Locating a Reputable Contractor to Perform Flat Roof Maintenance

Consumers should find a waterproof roofing contractor who has experience maintaining and repairing flat roofs in Fort Lauderdale. Before hiring a flat roof maintenance expert, like Transcontinental of USA, consumers should:

-verify the contractor is licensed, insured and certified

-request a written estimate

-ask for and check references

-make sure the written estimate details materials, labor, guarantees, cost and payment schedule.

Consumers who do the proper research will receive the desired results when they hire a flat roof maintenance expert, like Dan Jones the original waterproofing roofer, in Fort Lauderdale.

The Whys And Hows Of Flat Roof Maintenance


The construction of residential and commercial buildings with flat roofs has become increasingly common to help keep the total costs of construction down. Flat roofs are perfectly safe and like all roofs still require regular maintenance and inspection in order to perform their best. Age and weather can damage any flat roof, especially in the SFL climate. Establishing a regular maintenance schedule can help detect any problems before they turn into costly disasters.

First, it is helpful to define exactly what a flat roof is. A flat roof is a roof that is level or nearly level, lacking the slope frequently associated with other roofs. Since there is no slope to guide water into a gutter system, a waterproof membrane must be installed to seal the roof against the elements. This membrane can be constructed in a variety of different ways:

1. Asphalt roll roofing uses a layer of fiberglass or base felt attached to cold asphalt using nails to protect the structure from water. It is usually covered with a granular substance such as gravel to reduce the weather’s impact on the structure.

2. Multi-ply roofing consists of overlapping rolls of mats or felt with the asphalt used in roof construction. Something like gravel is again applied on top to reduce the damage caused by wind and rain.

3. Single ply roofing, which is an extremely broad term that can be used to denote anything from self adhesion to the utilization of hot asphalt at the construction site.

Each of these options has its own set of requirements in order to install safely. Therefore, the installation, repair, and maintenance of all flat roofing systems should be left to qualified construction experts. It may be tempting to attempt to do it yourself, but the specialized equipment and level of expertise required make it unlikely to end well for anyone without specific training in Flat Roof Maintenance. Dan Jones of Transcontinental of U.S.A. is specialist with over 50 years experience you could call for an inspection and maintenance.

Regular Flat Roof Maintenance is necessary because weather conditions, failing joints, and the overall inflexibility of the roof system can cause a variety of problems. These include; but are not limited to; a crack in the roof, loose fasteners, rusted flashings, seam separation, water pooling, and the loss of the granular material used to protect the system from the elements. Any of these problems can become expensive to fix with time, so it is best to catch them early on.

The best way to find offending leaks is by having your roof professionally inspected twice each year, especially after major storms. This ensures that any issues cannot snowball into a total disaster. Any good inspector’s checklist must include the following:

1. All flashings and seams must be water tight.

2. All roof drains must be clear.

3. Ensure the actual waterproof membrane is not compromised in any way.

4. Ensure that there is no water pooling anywhere in the system.

5. Double check that the granular substance, such as gravel, remains in place.

Any blisters, creases, or small leaks should be fixed immediately at the time of inspection, while you are still thinking about them. This is another reason why it is so important to have an expert waterproofer carry out the inspection. The majority of the time, a repair job done poorly is worse than if no repairs were attempted at all.

Even the smallest leaks allow water to seep into the structures below. In turn, this water can result in rot and mold harmful to people and pets alike.  It can also compromise the structural integrity of the roof itself, in some cases forcing it to visibly sag requiring a reroof. Locating the offending leak can also prove challenging, as the water damage tends to be somewhat removed from its cause. If water damage is present but the offending leak cannot be located, infrared thermography may be used to pinpoint it.

All of this maintenance work may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but rest assured that a properly maintained flat roof will last years longer thanks to the attention it receives. This is especially important in the Fort Lauderdale area. Among American cities, Fort Lauderdale homeowners have the highest chance of a hurricane or other major storm hitting within 75 miles of them.

The area’s tropical climate and salty air also wreck havoc on flat roofs. While flat roofs are common in southeastern Florida, due to their lack of shingles that can rust, they still require regular maintenance. When it is time to choose who to trust with your roof, there are a number of different factors you should keep in mind. First, your waterproofer should be licensed, insured, and familiar with the hazards of the Fort Lauderdale area.

You should also get a written quote on the price, allowing you to shop around so you do not get ripped off. Checking your contractor’s references is a good idea too. The contract should be in writing as well, preventing any disputes about exactly what is to be performed.

In conclusion, flat roofs are a quality, cost effective option only if they are maintained regularly. While the damage caused by even a small leak can be severe, a licensed waterproofing specialist like Dan Jones and Transcontinental of USA, Inc, can help you keep your current roof over your head for years to come! Call us now to schedule your inspection and get an expert’s opinion and advice! We want you to get the most bang for your buck and keep you property in tip top shape at all times. Give us an opportunity to meet with you and become your waterproofing contractor of choice. No job is too small or too big! 954-763- 7339

Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale

Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale40 years ago we began our relationship with this beautiful landmark church on Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale. Our services over time have included roof maintenance, leak repairs, waterproofing the roof and walls, and some painting. We used Flex/Guard Ceramicoat on the stainless steel cross at the very top of the steeple that lasted over 20 years!

2 Acre Silicone Roof Coating

Atlas Van Lines, Ft. Lauderdale 2 acre Waterproofing of Flat Roof

Jack Brown and Sons, proprietors of Atlas Van Lines, found the cost of time and materials too great to fix the many leaks in their flat roof housing two acres of service and storage areas under roof cover. They were referred to us as a Waterproof Roofing company that was professional and fair.

Because they had many leaks in their entire 2 acre roof it was a huge undertaking. Especially in the heat of July! Upon completion of fixing and using silicone waterproofing and a bright white finish, their inside temperature was lowered saving on their energy costs. Except for damage from a tree falling during a hurricane they never needed additional roofing services while they were in the building.atlas

Mai Kai

Roof Repair and MaintenanceMai Kai Polynesian Restaurant – Roof Maintenance

This Ft. Lauderdale landmark was a challenge due to the varied roofs and equipment that top their buildings. These include Bamboo, Flat Roof, Air Conditioning Units, Kitchen Vents and more. The maintenance of their roofs left the owners exasperated!

We came in and with the due process of installing Urethane Foam and  Elastomeric Coatings essentially waterproofing where applicable we were able to solve most of their roof problems thus becoming their go to roof maintenance company for many years in Broward County.

Finding leaks on your roof?

Finding Roof Leaks

Finding Roof Leaks

For the layman there is the possibility of not noticing a damaged roof and therefore, a thorough inspection by a professional is necessary. If you do find what looks like the leak you can easily seal the cracks that are visible in ceiling with different products that are obtained from hardware stores, but these products have the ability to only fix up the crack and not really correct the leak. Leaks usually occur from any damage to the surface or seam causing it to lose its watertight ability. Any kind of spot of your roof that is not watertight can cause a major leak in the house or business. Leaky roofs can cause cosmetic damage but more importantly they can allow water to seep in weaken the structure of the house.

Weatherproofing the exterior walls, doors and windows of a building or structure can be of little help in cases that there is a problem with the roof. Our professional Fort Lauderdale Roofers will inspect and will look on the outside for any missing shingles made by harsh weather, wind, storms, falling branches and even animals. They also have the ability to look inside the attic to find out whether there is any sign of past water leakage or damage. Leaks can happen in different parts of the roof like flashing, cladding, and shingles and brick chimney.

The most common cause of leak is due to roof vents which can be fixed by replacing them. While replacing, you should check for missing nails at the bottom edge of vent and replace them with rubber-washer screws. Another reason behind the leak is loose flashing that is intersected at the roof. Roofs need to be replaced from normal toll as they take over the years of being out in harsh storms and the sun.

Another issue that can help your roof and lesson chances of it leaking is to ensure that gutters are clean and functional. Doing this, you can prevent water from collecting on your roof. In case your gutters are clogged and not functioning correctly, it can turn out to be a severe problem.

Importance Of Flat Roof Maintenance In Fort Lauderdale

Flat RoofAll residential and commercial buildings that have been built with flat roofs need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the roof remains weather resistant. This is especially important as the roof ages. Rain and wind wear on roofing in all climates, but the weather in Fort Lauderdale can cause catastrophic damage. Following a regular preventative schedule for flat roof maintenance will help minimize potential problems.

Flat Roof Characteristics
A flat roof is one that is level or almost level rather than having a definite slope. This kind of roof is covered with a waterproof membrane such as rubber. The material is installed to allow water to drain into a gutter system. This type of roofing system has been widely used because it costs less to build than the traditional sloped roof. Also, flat roofs have been particularly popular in Fort Lauderdale and area since the 1960s because they do not require shingles that tend to rot easily in a Florida climate.

While flat-seamed metal roofing has a history of use since the 19th century, today there are three commonly used types of flat roof systems:

• asphalt roll roofing employs a layer of fiberglass or organic base felt attached with nails over roof felt and cold asphalt cement, and then covered with a granular surface like gravel to reduce wear from the weather
• different types of single ply membrane roofing with various installation approaches, from self adhesion to installation with hot asphalt and heating the membrane before application
• multiple ply or built up roofing with overlapping rolls of felt or mats with layers of asphalt and then covered with a granular roofing sheet to help reduce wear

Each flat roofing system has special application requirements, and requires the skill of a qualified roofing contractor for installation, maintenance and temporary or permanent repairs.

Need for Regular Maintenance
Cost is the primary reason for installing flat roofs. Eventually, though, even flat roof coverings are going to need attention. Weather conditions, failing joints and the inflexibility of the system cause problems:

• broken, torn or cracked roof surface
• loosening fasteners
• rusted or incorrectly sealed flashings
• separation of seams
• ponding water
• loss of granular material
• an incorrect pan roof tie-in

Any leak, even a small one, can result in serious damage over time.

A leak that occurs on a flat roof often is not noticed for a long time. This allows water to soak into the structure and insulation below. Rot can easily develop, and resulting mould can be a health risk to people and pets. This rot can also seriously damage the roof structure itself. It is often hard to determine the location of a leak because visible water is typically some distance from the actual leak. A water leak can also cause the roof to actually sag, quickly compounding the problem.

All flat roofs should be inspected at least twice a

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year and definitely after major storms. There is a checklist of items:

• all flashings and lap seams around any rooftop penetrations must be water tight
• be sure all roof drains are clear
• check for any damage to the actual membrane
• be sure there are no signs of water ponding
• ensure asphalt based materials are covered with gravel
• fix blisters or creases to forestall any leaks
• apply a roof coating to fix leaks

In difficult situations, infrared thermography might be needed to actually locate roofing leaks. The roofing system lasts years longer if repairs are done immediately.

Roof Damage from Fort Lauderdale Weather
Home and business owners in Fort Lauderdale face another challenge in maintaining the integrity of a flat roof system. The roof provides shelter from all elements, and also receives the most wear and tear. This is particularly true for Fort Lauderdale, where the tropical climate, summer rains and salty air from the nearby ocean have a negative impact on roofing systems.

Even more concerning are the unique weather patterns affecting the area. Severe storms and hurricanes are common. In fact southeast Florida cities like Fort Lauderdale are most likely to be targeted, with about a 27% chance in a given year of having a hurricane pass within 75 miles. These storms can cause extensive and expensive damage to roofing systems.

Day to day sun, winds, moisture, and storms will cause problems with an aging roof. An older roof or one that may have been damaged in a recent storm may require professional attention.

Choosing a Contractor for Flat Roof Maintenance
A local roofing contractor with experience in flat roof repair will understand the requirements of proper roof maintenance and repair for Fort Lauderdale buildings. Here are some important points to consider when choosing a flat roof maintenance professional:
• the roofer should be certified, licensed and insured
• obtain a written quote that allows comparison with similar jobs in the neighborhood
• check references
• be sure to have a written agreement, specifying work to be done, materials to be used, cost and payment schedule, guarantees, approaches to problem resolution
Some research and planning will ensure professional results from a Fort Lauderdale flat roof maintenance and repair contractor.

Preventing Costly Roof Repairs

Fort Lauderdale Roof Contractor

Fort Lauderdale WATERPROOF Roofer

If you are looking for someone who does roof waterproofing,  there are a few to choose from, but finding a company who will do the job right the first time and for a good price is important.

With your roof, as well as the rest of your home, identifying and preventing problems before they become too serious, is highly recommended. That way, you minimize both the damage to your property as well as the cost of those potentially expensive roofing repairs.

One of the worst scenarios is a leaking roof, especially if you have just got back from vacation and the roof may have been leaking for several days or more. You should call a reliable roofing company if you know of one, otherwise the best way to find a reliable Fort Lauderdale roofer is to ask your neighbors for a recommendation.

Many of the better companies get much of their business from referrals, and a company who has plenty of these is much more likely to be trustworthy and efficient. Using a company that has been recommended by someone you know is generally a better method than simply picking a company out of the phone book.

One nightmare scenario is when the roofing contractor is unable to come to your home to repair your roof because the weather is so bad, or perhaps because there are so many other homeowners in the same predicament. Preventing problems in the first place is always better than trying to fix them after they occur.

Because the roof is such an important part of any home, it is imperative to pay close attention to it, and watch for leaking or any other signs of damage.

Regardless of how well your roof is constructed or how many years it has lasted, you should always pay close attention to it and watch for problems. Remember, in this part of Florida, your roof can be damaged by high winds, excessive rain and even the hot sun.

One of the most important things any homeowner should do is to regularly check the fascia board, the strip to which the guttering is usually attached. It should be replaced regularly, especially if you notice any signs of damage, and with the strongest possible material.

Of course, regardless of how carefully you check your roof throughout the year, some problems simply cannot be avoided or anticipated, although the costs can certainly be kept to a minimum when it is time to call your Fort Lauderdale roof contractor. Make sure to check your roof on a regular basis, and if in doubt call in the experts so that any problems can be identified and taken care of – when it comes to your roof, don’t leave it until the last minute.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Fort Lauderdale Roof Contractor

rooferIt is a simple matter to find a Fort Lauderdale roof contractor. Many area firms are more than happy to have the business. The challenge that faces homeowners is finding a contractor who will do quality work for a reasonable price.

When considering roof repair, good planning is key. This means that homeowners need to plan ahead rather than waiting until they need emergency roof repairs. In such desperate situations, there is little time to shop around, and homeowners can end up paying more than necessary out of desperation.

Unfortunately, sometimes emergencies do occur, and roofs unexpectedly fail. In situations where the owner has used a roofing contractor in the past, he or she has someone to call. If, however, the owner is not familiar with area roofers, he or she needs to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations for a good Fort Lauderdale roof contractor.

While it is easy to find the names of contractors online or in the Yellow Pages, it is preferable to get a personal referral. Recommendations from past customers help to ensure that the job will be done satisfactorily. There are, of course, no guarantees even with recommendations.

It must be noted that in some cases, a homeowner might not be able to secure the services of a recommended contractor when the weather has been severe. In these cases, many people have roofing problems, and contractors are inundated with work. This is, of course, a rare instance, but it does highlight the need to prevent roofing problems where possible.

In the long run, prevention saves homeowners money, time and worry. This is why every homeowner needs to be aware of the condition of his or her roof. Homeowners should watch for problems and address any issues immediately.

When thinking about roofing needs, it is important to take Florida’s climate into account. The summer heat, driving rains and strong winds that characterize the state’s weather take their toll on roofs. This means that homeowners need to make roof maintenance a priority. If they do not, they will end up paying for it later.

An example of something a homeowner should be on the lookout for is the condition of his or her fascia board. This is the board where the gutter attaches. Some people wait until this structure is old or rotten before replacing it and end up with preventable problems. The better solution is to replace it with high-quality material at the first sign of wear.

By staying on top of preventative maintenance, homeowners can minimize roof repair costs. There may be no way to completely eliminate the need for emergency repairs, but homeowners who maintain their roofs are less likely to experience such emergencies. The best strategy is to be proactive and to use a recommended Fort Lauderdale roof contractor when necessary.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Contractor: When To Call One In

Fort Lauderdale Roof Contractor Finding a Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor is not difficult. There are plenty of  roofing businesses that would be happy to take the job. The hard question is which  Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor will do a great job.

 Just as with anything that has to do with home or building repairs, good planning is  paramount. The owner does not want to be caught in a situation where the roof has  already collapsed and he or she desperately needs the Fort Lauderdale Roof  contractor for damage control. As one would expect, the costs will probably be  astronomical.

 Sometimes, it can’t be helped, though; who knows, the owner probably just got back  from a vacation in Europe or elsewhere to find the roof of the house leaking. If this  scenario happened before, the good news is, the owner knows who to call. If not, however, the next step would be to ask the neighbor or friends if there is a Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor they could recommend.

No doubt, the Yellow Pages would have a Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor to contact at a moment’s notice; and the same goes online. Still, there is nothing like a good referral, as this increases the chances that the job will be done satisfactorily. Of course, there are no guarantees.

Also, there would be one of those rare occasions when no Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor is forthcoming due to bad weather. Everybody could be having the same problem. Such a situation may be rare, but the moral of the story is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Or even better, a stitch in time saves nine. In other words, pay attention to the roof. It is very important. Always watch out for telltale signs that there could be a problem brewing up there.

There is no need to be paranoid, but the fact remains, this is Florida. Rainy summers, the hot sun, the high winds, all these factors can in the long run, wear out even a roof that is built like a bunker. Thus, never wait to be told this by a Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor. It could be a very expensive proposition.

Consider, for example, the fascia board of one’s home or building. It is the board where the gutter is usually attached. Do not wait until that structure is old or rotten. Have it replaced ahead of time, or better yet, find the strongest material possible so there is no need to worry about it constantly.

When the time comes for a Fort Lauderdale Roof contractor to be summoned, the cost of roofing repair can be minimized. Sometimes, repairs just can’t be avoided. Still, there can be costs that could be controlled just by being proactive.

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