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Is Your Pompano Beach Roof Waterproof?

Waterproof Roofer Pompano Beach FlHomeowners in Pompano Beach, Florida know that along with the joys and beauty of living in South Florida also come the winds, rains and hurricanes! Making sure your family and home is as safe and secure as possible, no matter what the weather brings, is tantamount to your peace of mind. The hurricane season of 2016 is just around the corner, is your roof and structure watertight?

If you cannot answer an unequivocal “yes” to that question, you need to consider waterproofing the walls and roof so you will truly be able to enjoy your home even during the roughest weather. The weather patterns over the last few years show an increase in the power, strength and number of catastrophic weather events and South Florida is always especially susceptible. With the ripping winds and torrential downpours hurricanes bring, investing in services from a reputable, experienced waterproofing roofer is an essential part of responsible home ownership in Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Lauderdale By The Sea, Deerfield Beach, and truly anywhere in South Florida.

Without help from an experienced waterproofing roofer, you cannot know that your roof can withstand the storms, rains, winds and even some hail that hurricane season in South Florida bring. During the middle of a hurricane is no time to find out your roof wasn’t ready for what Mother Nature has in store. Services including state of the art roof coatings and wall coatings that ensure your roof and walls won’t leak and will help give strength and structural integrity to your roof so it can handle the high winds, lashing rains and hails storms that pop up out of nowhere during the heat and humidity of hurricane season.

The increased ocean temperatures combined with the La Niña weather pattern have meteorologists predicting the hurricane season of 2016 will be an active and violent one packed with strong winds, floods and heavy downpours. Don’t wait until the damage is done and your home is leaking through the roof and walls, call today to have our team of experts waterproof your roof and get your home ready for hurricane season. We offer many types of coatings at affordable prices. We treat your home like it is our own and stand by our products many with super warranties.

Why You Need To Call A Waterproof Roofer Now

waterproof-roofer-pompanoLiving in the southern area of Florida does mean enjoying lots of sunshine for much of the year. Even so, it also means dealing with summer showers that seem to come out of nowhere. There’s also the annual hurricane season that can spell trouble as fronts move west off the Atlantic or east out of the Gulf. One of the best ways to protect the roof from the wind and the rain is to have a waterproof roofer come in now and seal the roof. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

Minimizing the Risk of Leaks

Even if you are lucky this year and none of the fronts moving onshore turn out to be nothing more than tropical storms, they can still pack enough power to do some damage. Think of the beating that your roof will take during those storms. The driving rain plus the winds may not reach hurricane status, but you could still lose tiles or experience hail strong enough to puncture your roof.

One of the things about having a waterproof roofer check the roof and apply a clear roof coating is that you increase the roof’s resistant to wind, rain, and hail. Even if you have several storms over the course of the season, the roof has a much better chance of remaining intact and free of any kind of leakage.

If you need a Waterproof Roofer in the Pompano Beach area, contact us now!

Less Need for Repairs

High winds of any type can lead to damage other than leaking. After a front moves through the area, you could find roof tile fragments littering the yard. That means you need a professional to come in and replace the broken tiles before the next front can come through.

If you choose to have a waterproof roofer treat the roof now, the resistance to wind damage is increased. That translates to less cleanup for you to do after the storm, and certainly less repairs to your roof. A monolithic film coating with silicone ceramic, urethane foam or elastomeric mastic will be enough to ensure your roof does not develop a problem at all.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The treatment that the waterproof roofer applies also has a positive impact on the energy consumption around the house. On days when the sun is shining and the temperature and humidity levels are extreme, the right type of roof coating helps to reduce the amount of energy your cooling system needs to keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature.

If you do have to stay in the home for a couple of days due to driving rains and high winds, the fact that the roof coating makes the home more airtight will ensure the place doesn’t begin to feel stuffy from increased moisture. That’s a big plus when you have hurricane panels over all the windows and the house does begin to feel a little bit like a cave.

Protecting the Roof from Other Types of Damage

While your motivation for calling the waterproof roofer may be to get ready for hurricane season, the application of that roof coating will help even on the days when the sun is shining brightly. That’s because the products used in the treatment help to create an additional layer of protection for all of your roofing materials and usually translates to less wear on AC equipment which also lowers your FP&L bill.

Thanks to the presence of the coating, the roof will hold up better to the constant heat generated by the sun and summer storms.

If you haven’t called a waterproof roofer and arranged an inspection yet, now is the time to take action. The heat is already significant and the potential for bad weather is rising. Once the roofer takes care of any minor issues and applies the waterproof coating, you and your home have a better chance of making it through the season intact.

Get Ready For The 2016 Hurricane Season

Get Ready For The 2016 Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season is upon us. The peak of weather disturbances usually occur between June 1 and November 30, though tropical cyclones can appear at any time of the year. Hurricane Alex and Tropical Cyclone Bonnie demonstrated this when they showed up in the early part of 2016. What makes this particular season notable is the emergence of the La Nina phenomena. The sea surface temperature will be lower than normal which tends to magnify the strength of storms. Everybody needs to gear up for what could be another memorable year of flooding and strong winds. Your main concern for your property in a terrible storm is to know that your roof and walls will not leak!

Our Waterproof Silicone Ceramic System is like air conditioning your roof. SAVE MONEY, contact us now!

Expert Predictions

There is a general trend towards a rise in the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes predicted to hit the country. Several organizations with expertise on the subject regularly come out with their projections based on the latest available data. Tropical Storm Risk, for example, said that there are likely to be 13 storms, 5 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes for 2016 back in December. Just this May, they raised these figures to 17, 9 and 4, respectively. These are higher than the average numbers collected from 1981-2010 data. Europe is already experiencing massive flooding due to heavy rains which can happen here as well.

Florida in the Eye of the Storm

The state’s location along the coastline makes it an easy target for many of the storms that form in the Atlantic. The heaviest rainfall ever in Florida happened in 1950 due to Hurricane Easy. It dumped 38.7 inches of rain in a span of 24 hours which was the national record at the time. Locals experience most of the storms between August and October during the peak of the hurricane season. This gives residents a few months before their homes truly get tested. If there is any weakness, then these will be exposed by the pouring rain and the roaring wind.  You certainly do not want to wait for damage, but be pro-active protecting and waterproofing your roof and walls.

What Homeowners Can Do

The roof is generally the most vulnerable part of the house during this time. If the construction is flawed, then water will get inside and wreak havoc on the occupants. Perhaps the materials used were substandard or the workers were not very thorough. Maybe the constant exposure to the elements has finally taken its toll. Whatever the issue might be, homeowners should take immediate steps to solve the problem. If you know that there is a leak in your roof, then act quickly to seal the source to prevent things from getting worse.

An experienced waterproof roofer like Dan Jones, a Pompano Beach waterproofing specialist for over 50 years, can help you find all of the vulnerable spots and fix them right away. This will give you peace of mind no matter what the weather might be. Once the hurricanes start, you can relax with your family knowing that you already completed all of the necessary repairs. If you live in Pompano Beach or anywhere around South Florida, then consider Transcontinental of USA, Inc.

We are one of the leading roofers in the area with decades of experience under our belt. For more information, call Dan directly at 954-763- 7339.

The Important Work Of Waterproof Roofers in Pompano Beach

roof waterproofing pompanoAmerican climate scholars, from the Climate Prediction Facility, are predicting stormier weather for the Atlantic in 2016. Ten to sixteen tropical storms are forecast for the year, and up to eight of these could become hurricanes that might threaten the Eastern seaboard. Apparently, the chance of this happening is forty-five percent. Also, the chance of the weather being stormier than this is thirty percent, and the chance of the weather being calmer than this is twenty-five percent. The prediction for this year indicates that there will be more hurricanes than over the past few years, during which time the weather has been calmer.

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Because Pompano Beach can be considered a hurricane hotspot, it is important to get your home ready for the upcoming season, which lasts until November 30. Doing this requires an investment of money and effort, and it is best to plan your approach ahead of time. Begin today and add to it when you can, regardless of whether you can finish everything before the season’s end. Then, make gradual improvements each year.

If water enters your house, as well as causing expensive damage it can affect the building’s structural integrity. Quite often, leaks will remain undetected for prolonged time periods. If you have had your roof system waterproofed, it will run off and you avoid moisture entering the interior of your property. Additionally, roof tiles need to be locked together and this is achieved by coating your roof with a waterproof monolithic film such as Transcontinental of U.S.A., Inc. uses called the PolyGlycoat Roof System. This is a continuous seamless coating.

Sadly, additional roof damage can happen due to moisture if left unprotected. It starts to convert into vapor. This water vapor expands, which generates pressure inside roof systems. Many systems are open to building interiors, which means that the vapor pushes into properties and condenses, appearing as roof leaks. If the vapor becomes trapped, blisters appear in roof systems. When pressure inside roof systems rise, it eventually causes openings to appear. After vapor escapes, water can find its’ way into roof systems, which creates new roof leaks. An unprotected roof is your enemy and can rob you of thousands of dollars!

Needless to say, it is worth hiring a waterproof roofer, like Pompano Beach’s Dan Jones, who can storm harden your home, using correct storm protection upgrades in accordance with building codes. Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, it will boost the chance that your house will be insurable and that insurance more affordable. The cost savings of having a waterproof roof make it an affordable option!

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The Superiority Of Silicone Roof Coating

ceramic coating Pompano BeachPompano Beach professionals, like Dan Jones the original waterproof roofer, have been applying Silicone Ceramic roof coatings for nearly 50 years. This high-quality roofing option has become more affordable and the savings realized are many fold.  Having a silicone ceramic coating applied to your roof is like air conditioning your roof. Essentially, it’s an insulation with “R” factors. This makes the inside of the home or business significantly cooler, which translates to a reduction in utility costs, less wear on your air conditioning equipment and extends the life of your roof up to 10 years.

There are still homeowners and business owners who are unconvinced that the benefits of coating their roof with silicone ceramic warrant the cost of getting it done.  However, as a growing number of individuals are using the coating, it is becoming more well known that the value far outweighs the costs.  Below are some of the main benefits of a silicone roof coating:

Environmentally Friendly

Silicone coatings have very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and they are solvent free. This indicates that the coatings are inflammable.  They can ignite; however, they have an extremely high flashpoint and do not have adequate fuel to sustain fire.  Silicone coatings have tremendously low VOC levels that are even lower than what the strictest states require.  This means the coating not only meets, but exceeds material safety standards.

Superior Solids Content

The solids content of silicone coating is superior to acrylic and other less expensive applications.  As such, a thicker single coat can be applied without the effectiveness and quality of the application being compromised when cured.  This ends up saving on time spent on the roof and overall labor costs.  The precise scientific and technical formulation of silicone coatings has been improved over many years; this has made the “high-build” capability of the coating possible.  Being able to apply thicker coatings is an indication that the installer can make corrections to minor slope problems.  This will reduce the likelihood of ponding water during and after the application process.

Unmatched Performance

Ponding water is no match for a silicone coating on your roof.  This is largely due to its technical formulation that enables it to form a watertight membrane.  This makes the roof resistant to ponding water and makes the coating superior to its cheaper counterparts.  A silicone roof coating will maintain its adhesion and will not leak.  In addition, silicone coatings are formulated specially to be non-sacrificial; as a result, they do not chalk away as time goes by.  Instead of deteriorating slowly and becoming useless, silicone roof coatings stay in virtually the same form following installation.

Resistant to Biological Growth

Pompano Beach, like the rest of Florida, has the real concern of algae and mildew growth on the roof.  If left unchecked, this can create serious problems including causing damage to the roof.  Silicone coating is the most effective at resisting biological growth as it resists microbial attachment and contributes no food source.  It is specially formulated for environments that are warm and damp.

No Primer Necessary

In most cases, no primer is needed before applying a silicone roof coating.  It can typically be directly applied to the surface of an existing roof after it has been thoroughly power washed.  This eliminates the cost of buying primer and also lowers labor cost.  An adhesion test will be performed before the silicone coating is applied to ensure there is no flimsy residue is on the roof.   Dan Jones of Transcontinental of U.S.A., primes and seals all his work because layers of coatings help extend the life of your roof and cost very little additional and is the  most resilient.

This simple system can be used to alleviate many roofing problems.  Compared to other coatings this coating will keep you looking good from the top of your roof to the bottom of your pool.

Choosing The Right Type Of Roofing For Your South Florida Home

waterproof roofing pompanoAll roofs leak sooner or later and you may think the time has come to replace the roof on your home! The best move you can make is to talk with a local waterproof roofing contractor about what type of material works best for South Florida roofing. Dan Jones (954-763-7339) invented waterproofing roofs in 1975 using elastomeric mastic (507B) that Acrylux manufactured for him.  Given the heat during the summer and the high humidity that is common during much of the year, some materials will hold up better than others.  The latest technology utilizing waterproofing materials offer a way to extend the life of your roof and can be applied over the following materials.


Asphalt Roofing

One option you can consider is asphalt.  Available in shingles and also in rolls, is the most inexpensive roofing option that you’ll find.  Most are sturdy enough to provide a couple of decades of use before the residential roof will need replacing-but that doesn’t hold true in SFL where temperature extremes along with hurricane force wind and rains pound the property. Asphalt will crack and need repair and or replacement quicker! When the plan is to install a new roof and never have to do it again, look closely at other options.


Wood Shingles

If you have a cottage by the water, wood shingles may be just the right touch.  This approach to South Florida roofing does involve only investing in shingles that are made using treated wood. Once the material is stained or painted, it needs to be sealed in order to withstand the effects of the sun.  If you go with this choice, be prepared to invest more time in general maintenance and upkeep.  You can minimize maintenance and extend the longevity of the roof by using a Silicone Ceramic or other coating with it.


Roofing Tiles

The right type of roofing tiles will add a lot to the look of your home. Available in a number or sizes and colors, it won’t be hard to find something that fits in with the house design and brings out some of the more attractive architectural elements.

Like asphalt, roofing tiles are relatively easy to install.  If you make sure the tiles are kept free of any debris and have them cleaned and coated every few years, there is no reason why the roof will not provide excellent performance indefinitely. Keep in mind that along with maintaining the appearance of the tiles, the coating (Silicone Ceramic is best) helps to provide another layer of protection from the sun.  That will make it easier to cool your home during the middle of the summer.


Metal Roofing

You may not think of metal as being the ideal material for South Florida roofing, but this approach provides advantages that should be considered closely.  The metal can be in the form of panels that create a solid surface, something that is great if you want a sleek look to the roof.  You can also invest in metal shingles that are cut to any size or shape that goes with the design of your home.

With any type of metal roofing, the material is sealed with Silicone Ceramic to help resist fading and damage from hail and high winds.  Even if you want the metal painted instead of leaving the natural patina, the coating will protect the color and ensure the roof doesn’t fade.

One of the important perks of metal roofs is that they are built to last.  It is not unusual for residential roofs made with the right type of metal to last for up to five decades.  You will pay a little more for this solution, but given the durability and the relatively easy maintenance, your money will be well spent.

Keep in mind that your properties are some of the most important investments you’ll ever make.  Choosing the best roofing for them helps to protect the market value and makes it easier to keep the cooling costs within a reasonable range.  With the aid of a waterproof roofing contractor, you can explore the pros and cons of each of these options in more detail.  Once the best choice is identified, it will not take long to have the new roof in place.

Remember, utilizing a Silicone Ceramic coating from the start will provide added roof longevity and you can coat a leaky roof and extend it up to 8 years and the process can be repeated indefinitely! Call Dan Jones directly at 954-763-7339 the original Waterproof Roofer!

The Value of a Waterproof Roof In South Florida

waterproof-roofer-pompano-beachSouth Florida is a great place to live in with beautiful neighborhoods and plenty of opportunities. The weather is also ideal for those who prefer warm weather. However, sometimes it can get a little too hot in the summer. The sun and rain can bear down on the region with such ferocity as to push temperature past 90 degrees and flood areas for hours.

Homes also need to contend with frequent rainfall that tests the integrity of their roofing. Any weakness in the structure will eventually be exposed through leaks and decay. Many are becoming more proactive to avoid the hassle. They get painting and waterproof roofing services to obtain the following benefits:

Keep the Family Safe and Dry

If you know that your roof has leaks, then dark clouds will always be a cause for concern. Previous experience has taught you what might happen and it is not at all pleasant. The water can make its way to the bedrooms causing sleepless nights. The sheets will be soaked and the floor will require a lot of cleaning.

Waterproofing gives you peace of mind. You will never have to worry no matter what the weather forecast may be. Even strong rains will not be able to penetrate the house. Every square inch will be sealed to keep out moisture from the interiors. We also paint and waterproof walls and ceilings to help with this. Thus, the family will remain safe and dry amidst raging storms.

Increase Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, then a bit of renovation is definitely in order. Home buyers will appreciate diligent maintenance and improvements, including painting. It doesn’t matter how old the house is as long as it remains perfectly livable.

Among the most highly scrutinized parts of a house are the bathrooms, the kitchens, and the roof. Nobody wants to move into a place that has leaks which they will have to fix. If they see signs of these, then they are likely to offer a very low price for the property citing the issue. Do waterproofing before listing to increase the resale value.

Energy Efficiency

When it’s not raining in the area, the sun is heating up all the roofs which warm up the interiors. Air conditioners must work double time in order to keep the inhabitants cool and comfortable. This means using up more energy to counteract the effects of the summer sun.

There are various materials which may be used for waterproofing. Many of these have excellent insulation properties – exactly what homes in South Florida need. This new layer on the roof protects not only from moisture but also from extreme heat. Air conditioners can therefore operate in a more efficient manner.

Lower Energy Bills

With reduced energy consumption come lower monthly utility bills. The cooling system usually draws the largest amount of energy among all appliances so any decrease is welcome. This should make a significantly positive impact on the household budget. The cost getting a waterproof roof will be offset by the monthly savings and the higher resale value. It is truly a logical investment.

A Roof With A Moisture Problem Can Be A Nightmare

water damage from a leaking roofAs a homeowner or commercial property owner in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale, it is important to make sure that you are keeping your valuable roof in the best possible condition. To make this easy on you, you might want to think about having a roof that is waterproof. To help you understand whether there is a real benefit to this, take a few seconds of your time to check out some of the following points.

Less Likely To End Up With A Moisture Problem

Having a moisture problem is a major issue. Not only will this lead to you needing to replace all of the materials, but it can cause your family to experience a lot of health problems. Replacing your roof and/or walls will cost you a lot of money! You may need to replace everything from the shingles to the wood. You might even have to replace the insulation.

The poor health can be the result of mold growth due to your roof and/or walls leaking from water. It only takes the slightest bit of moisture coming into your home to create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to avoid such a terrible infestation. Your best defense is having regular roof inspections by a qualified waterproof roofing company. We have over 50 years in the waterproofing industry and sooner or later your roof will leak due to the harsh weather in SFL! At this writing we are only 2 months away from heavy storms and possibly a hurricane or 2! Although severe storms are happen year round and perhaps you have noticed our weather is becoming more severe all the time?

Increases The Value Of Your Home

Even if you do not suspect that you are ever going to want to sell your home, you should always make improvements, such as waterproofing your roof along with painting it, as though you are planning on selling it. This way, should you suddenly find that you are in need of selling it, or even just refinancing your mortgage, your home and roof will be as valuable as it possibly can be. Your mortgage and insurance companies will require inspections periodically which could result in your needing a costly roof replacement. Regular roof inspections, at least every 2 years, can make the difference. We have silicone and ceramic coatings (these come with a guarantee) that can extend your roof longevity by as much as 8-10 years that can be repeated and are approximately 1/2 the cost of a new roof.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Replaced As Quickly

Replacing a roof can be a terribly costly expense. Even if your roof is never damaged, they only last so long whether its concrete, cement or foam. By making sure that your roof is waterproofed, your roof is bound to last a lot longer. Waterproofing your roof will certainly pay off in the end. Also, you will find that the better condition your roof is, the more curb appeal it will have. This is nice because both you and your neighbors will enjoy pulling up in front of the house. No one likes being the house on the street that needs the most work on it; and your neighbors will appreciate everyone keeping up on the repairs and improvements of their homes, as it helps with their property value as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to having your roof waterproofed with silicone and ceramic coatings. All you need to do now is to make sure that you are finding the best quality waterproofing roofer for the job. Make sure that they are licensed and insured and experienced and then you will be good to go.

What is the VALUE of your ROOF?

Pompano Beach RoofingObvious value of a roof is that it protects you and your valuables from the elements. Roof replacement is expensive and something most homeowners do only once or twice in their lifetime. One of the main reasons for needing to replace a Pompano roof is poor workmanship. Inadequate installation (i.e. inadequate nailing, use of old flashing and pipe boots, etc.), can cause water leakage and if undetected can result in mold in your walls and attic. If it is determined that poor workmanship is to blame, very often any manufacturer warranty will become void. To maximize the life of your roof you want to make sure to have regular inspections, at least every 2 years. Also, when performing maintenance on your roof be sure you are using a licensed provider/supplier and that their insurance is in force. The easiest way to be sure is to ask them for a copy of their Accord Certificate.

If you are looking for Pompano Beach Roofing help,
contact us now! (954) 763-7339

It will show the limits of coverage and dates of coverage. It is prudent for a company to carry a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance. You can rest assured you are getting a professional when “you see” copies of their license and insurance. Remember before you contract for any work, ask for references. This is very important. Of course no one is going to provide a poor reference, but the scope of the jobs they have performed will give you an indication of the level of competency they possess.

Other things to consider in keeping your roof trouble free is to be sure and keep shrubbery and trees trimmed away from the roof. Branches near your roof serve as stairways for rodents that usually find their way in to your attic! A compromised soffit will make it even easier for rodents to gain access to your attic. Removal of them is another costly job!! Regular inspection and maintenance of your roof and soffits is so important. Don’t forget your gutters! Clogged gutters can result in damaging the wood and you will easily see the rot and mold When it comes to your roof it is probably the most valuable part of your house as it is very costly to replace. If you have a leak, you have a problem that is bigger than the brown spot on your ceiling! You can spend $600 on a roof leak repair, but the areas around the roof repair are still old and most likely 3 years down the road you will be looking at roof replacement (you will likely have repaired additional leaks over the 3 years). Roof replacements start at $12,000. A good option, if not great, is to renew your roof with a waterproof coating; starting at around $3,000 which will extend the life of the roof 8-10 years. You can easily see the difference $12,000 on top of several roof repairs or $3,000 to waterproof when the 1st leak appears. It’s a no brainer but when was the last time you had your roof inspected???

You need a qualified roofer, knowledgeable also about waterproofing, to inspect and report the status of your roof. They will identify problems that you will not be able to yourself until it’s too late!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Ben Franklin summed up roof maintenance succinctly!

*Values supplied are based on a roof of approximately 6000sf

Pompano Beach Roof Repair and Waterproofing

Pompano Beach Roof Repair and WaterproofingYou will have a roof leak sooner or later! Deterioration from the HOT Pompano Beach sun, weather and age all cause roof leaks. Whether your roof is tile, flat, pitched or metal, such as you find on churches, hi-rises, storage facilities, restaurants etc. each has unique remedies to solve the problems. Either a new roof, a tear off roof, a monolithic film coating, or even urethane foam can be used to solve your roof leak or problem. Most roofing contractors do not know all the ins and outs of roofing and waterproofing. We are unique in that respect knowing all forms of roofing and waterproofing and how and where to find your roof leak. We strongly encourage you to do your investigative homework and get at least three bids. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples as they say and ask about warranty and guarantees. Don’t forget to read the fine print.

A waterproof roof that is maintained will add years to the life of your roof! Roof maintenance is often forgotten about until it is too late….

A roof inspection at least every 2 years is a preventative that will save you thousands of dollars. A roof inspection will cost between $0 – $300; the latter when an engineer also performs a
temperature report which is always recommended when considering the application of silicone ceramic coating. This system can reduce your roof temperature as much as 50 degrees! This results also in significant savings on your energy bill. Doing regular inspections like these will keep you from costly roof repairs. Another bonus of doing a professional temperature report by
an engineer is that you can show it to your insurance and mortgage companies as it will reflect the roof status and longevity also resulting in savings!

Waterproof your roof! We use the Ply Glycoat System, Silicone Ceramic coating material, that is both flexible and affordable. This proprietary system works like magic repairing roof leaks. A
new roof can cost upwards of $15,000 or about $6/sf while waterproofing at $2/sf will add 8-10 years to the life of your roof.

We created the Poly Glycoat System, the first waterproof roof coating, in 1977. Acrylux Paint Co. manufactured it for us. Waterproofing is now a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

We can help! We have the right roof coating for your Pompano Beach commercial or residential property. We do the job right the first time at a fair cost. Dan Jones has completed in excess of $12 Million dollars doing waterproof roofing that even took him to Holland working with Conklin Company ( and the Holland government.

Please call Dan at our Pompano Beach number 954-763-7339. He will be happy to bid on any waterproof roof project or roof repair project and earn your business.

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